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How house sitting can help you achieve your goals

Have you ever considered how house sitting could help you achieve your life goals?


The importance of keeping your availability calendar up to date

At AHS, we pride ourselves on our communication and wanted to take the opportunity to remind our sitters of the importance of keeping your availability up to date.


How to make money while house sitting

We know that house sitting is one of the best ways to save money on accommodation, but how do you actually make while money while on the road? Well, read on because we've got the lowdown on some of the best ways to make money while you travel.


Can I house sit with my own pet?

Happily, many sitters successfully house sit with their pets however, if it’s something you’re considering there are some things you should be aware of first. So, here are our top tips for house sitting with your own pet.


Handy tips on what to do before and after a house sit

So, you’ve been chosen for a house sit – that’s awesome! But before the sit begins, there are a few things you need to do to ensure the house sit is a success.


A house sitters guide to great pet photography

Animals are unpredictable, often fast and sometimes downright kooky, so here we explain how to capture Instagram worthy pet pics that you’ll be proud to share.


7 tips for matching with the right homeowner for you

The best way to ensure you have a great house sitting experience – leading to a great review – is to match with the right homeowner for you.

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Perhaps you regard your excellent customer service as your best/usual practice however this, I have found to be absolutely exceptional. I cannot stress enough how refreshing it is to know that you and your team are available to assist in a timely manner. I have left comments in this regard on your survey site last week to hopefully encourage potential home owner and sitters to sign up to Aussie House Sitters. In general, other businesses, which I have experienced in the past neglect to reply to an online enquiry yet alone provide a solution. Congratulations to you all for providing true value and in particular, the WOW factor for my yearly subscription. Cheryl

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