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Thinking about becoming a house sitter? Want to expand your house sitting opportunities by joining the Aussie House Sitters community?

Why not hear from other house sitters who are already happy members? We are constantly encouraged to hear how house sitting has created many positive changes in so many of our members lives. Many sitters have told us how the new connections, with both people and their pets, and the travel opportunities have led to wonderful experiences they never imagined possible.

On top of that, our members often contact us to thank us for our support and assistance. Many let us know how easy our site is to use and what a benefit it has been to them in their search for new house sitting opportunities.

If you are thinking about becoming a house sitter or using the Aussie House Sitters site, please read our sitter testimonials below. You may also like to read some of the verified reviews from Feefo, an independent reviewer.

This site really kick started my housesitting journey and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I’m booked months in advance which is amazing and the joy I receive from my regular fur families is priceless. I hope to be available soon to accept further sits from the site. Vicki
We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience over many years and have met some wonderful people having cared for a wide range of homes and properties and many species of pets, flora and fauna in many areas of eastern Australia, extending from southern Victoria to Cape York, Queensland. We take this opportunity to thank all of the Team at Aussie House Sitters for your support and the efficiency and professionalism displayed by your Team at all times which provided many opportunities for my wife and self that we would never have experienced otherwise. Beth and Alan
This is our first year with you and we are already on our 3rd house sit. Just want to thank you for your service, this is a great site, easy to use and has been a blessing to my wife and I. Thank you. Tom and Merry
We have been honoured to have been able to stay at some amazing homes and meet some amazing people who are now special friends and almost family. Kevin and Pam
Joining Aussie House sitters has provided us the opportunity to visit new places, meet great people, & care for their homes & wonderful pets. The website is secure, easy to manage & provides necessary information required for both parties to make decisions. We look forward to our continuing commitment with this wonderful organisation. Judy and Richard
Perhaps you regard your excellent customer service as your best/usual practice however this, I have found to be absolutely exceptional. I cannot stress enough how refreshing it is to know that you and your team are available to assist in a timely manner. I have left comments in this regard on your survey site last week to hopefully encourage potential home owner and sitters to sign up to Aussie House Sitters. In general, other businesses, which I have experienced in the past neglect to reply to an online enquiry yet alone provide a solution. Congratulations to you all for providing true value and in particular, the WOW factor for my yearly subscription. Cheryl
I am so happy with this site. Its awesome and I have recommended it to many sitters and home owners. You seem to take an interest in other than money which I hate to say is unlike some other sites. Thankyou for that. Karen
We have loved this lifestyle, looking after beautiful animals & making lovely new friends, most of whom we still keep in touch with. Aussie House sitters is a great site & so easy to utilise. Campbell and Lynette
Big thank you to AHSitters for 6 WONDERFUL YEARS. Met wonderful owners, repeat sits, now our treasured friends. To anyone thinking of sitting, do it, with the main focus being welfare of the animals, respect owners privacy always, as they completely trust you with their pets and home. A H Sitters we will be back sometime in the future. Sheryl
Just wanted to thank you for a truly amazing service. I have really enjoyed all my sits, meeting new people and animals and of course making friends along the way. The last 18 months have given me the space and time to save and this week I achieved my goal by buying a new home. Couldn't have done it without you so a huge THANK YOU Sandi
I just want to thank you now for your excellent service and all the wonderful people, places and animals I have been able to enjoy over the years. Aussie House sitters is easily the best house minding service on the internet, and I wish you more success in the future. Nicholas
Thank you! Wayne and I have been sitting for 2 years straight and we love it! It started as a way to save money for our wedding, and to provide a place to be while we set up a little airbnb. The air bnb has flourished and to top it off we were married in February 2020 in a small but very beautiful ceremony overseas with out nearest and dearest. Without house sitting we wouldn't have been able to reach our personal or financial goals - so we have a lot to be thankful for. Another positive is that sitting is a lifestyle that we love. It is so much fun meeting new people and so many gorgeous pets - we get to spend time experiencing how other people live, and where they live and of course become attached to so many of our new furry friends. I know you shouldn't have favourites - but you just can't help it! We have made friendships with many of our repeat sits and look forward to popping round to say hi again. We feel as important to them as they do to us. It truly is a beautiful relationship. Our next goal is to save for a home deposit. Thank you to you and your entire team at Aussie House Sitters, and to the entire network that you have built and let us be a part of. Pet sitting has been the time of our lives, and created moments we will never forget. Chloe and Wayne
We have now been enjoying membership at Aussie Housesitters for six years and have had some amazing times sitting around Australia. We spend on average 22-24 weeks housesitting each year and have built up some wonderful relationships with the people we sit for. We now have seven regular clients in Noosa who book us a year in advance and their dogs never forget us. It is a joy to be greeted by pets who remember us and are thrilled that we have returned each time we go back to their homes. Thankyou team at AussieHousesitters. You run a great business and maintain a reliable and consistent database that’s user-friendly and always reliable. You’ve helped to make our retirement a happy and successful one. Anne & Craig
In 2007 I began ‘grey nomading’ my way around our amazing country. About eight years ago I stumbled into house sitting and the Aussie House Sitting site was highly recommended. I found a placement within a few days of joining and have been a loyal and appreciative member since. House sitting has been fantastic, enabling me to spend time in every state and territory, to meet wonderful and interesting people and to care for a diverse range of animals. Aussie House Sitters staff have been wonderful and I sincerely thank you all for making my nomadic years so enjoyable and memorable. Allison
I recently rejoined Aussie Housesitters as a sitter after several years paying rent. It was really easy to update my profile & I received a discount on the joining fee. I love the new features on the site. I have several references in an attachment plus I receive regular email alerts of new housesitting positions. As well I received an offer of a wonderful sit within a few days! Thanks for a wonderful efficient service. Claire
My pet sitting journey has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. I would like to commend you on your site for its ease of use and the wonderful opportunities it has provided me over the past 5 years. I have stayed in so many lovely places and met so many beautiful pets. I have recommended your site to others and will happily re-join down the track when I hopefully retire and get some time to travel. Kate
I must say that your Agency is amazing, the best one by far and I thank you so much for the opportunity to further my future plans by being part of Aussie Housesitters Jaimie L
What a great site. We picked out 4 places of interest and sent them off (very easy). Within an hour we had a sit offer that suited us fine. Lovely people and a great location. We were pretty excited but to top it off we got another offer a couple of hours later, which we politely had to decline unfortunately. We are so impressed with your site. Regards, Ron & Pre
I've had 2 great years housesitting from this site, and would just like to say thank you for the great opportunity and the ease-of-use for everyone involved. I've recommended you to so many people on my travels, and have been to places I never thought I'd go. I'm sure I've seen more of Australia than anyone I know! I've made some great friends along the way too. Thanks again Aussie Housesitters, and may you have a joyful and successful 2018. Christine
My wife Reggie and I want to thank all the team at Aussie House Sitters for giving us the opportunity to have an absolute hoot of a time over the last 12 months doing house sits. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at all the various properties and we have fallen in love with a heap of different animals along the way that we have looked after. We recently bought an old Queenslander cottage in the bush which we will be renovating over the next 6 to 12 months. Once we have it ship shape we will again set off house sitting and this cottage will be our home base. Everyone at Aussie House Sitters has been incredibly helpful and supportive. We highly recommend you to everyone we meet. Thank you again for a wonderful year and we will be in touch with you once we are ready to do more house sits. Kind regards, Boyd and Reggie
Dear AHS my hubbie and I just finished two years house sitting with your fabulous site. We were rarely without a roof. In that time I wrote and had published one non fiction book plus a workbook. We also paid off our mortgage which is wonderful for two pensioners in our later years. Thanks a lot for all your help. Christine
I just wanted to say thank you for your site. I joined on a Wednesday less than two weeks ago and had my first sit confirmed on the Friday. I've since secured two more sits which means I can now go and spend quality time with hubby while he's working interstate. It all worked out quicker and easier than I expected so would highly recommend Aussie House Sitters as the go to site for house sitting. Allison
I am going to England for the rest of the year. Have joined UK site for now. I will be back, and when I do will definitely rejoin Aussie House Sitters again. I have had some wonderful house sitting experiences including being invited back to some stays multiple times now. Also meet wonderful people in the community. Thank you very much for the service you provide. Michelle
I am a long term Aussie House Sitters fan. I've met some wonderful people through this site and have delighted in the opportunity to spend time in areas that are unfamiliar to me. It brings me great joy and a sense of accomplishment to look after peoples home and their beloved pets, knowing they can rest assured that things have been taken care of in their absence. I just renewed my membership and found the process straightforward and effortless. Thank you Aussie House Sitters for the great platform you provide and for the unexpected bonus of receiving a platinum reward. How exciting. You have made my day. Patricia
I've been housesitting for nearly 3 years now and have found Aussie House Sitters to be very professional. I've enjoyed many different homes and pets over the years. Finding a house to sit is very easy and receiving emails about any new house sits is fantastic. Having looked after some amazing houses and met some fantastic people over the years. I look forward to keeping house sitting and this is the only site I would ever use. When I buy a home, this is the site I will be returning to for house sitters. Thankyou Aussie House Sitters for running a very professional site. David
We are very new members offering our services as 'house sitters' and we were amazed with the speed with which things got underway - we got our first booked house sit within hours of setting up our profile, multiple approaches by owners since and are currently in discussions with owners. John & Helen
We have been using Aussiehousesitters for nearly two years to find places to house sit. This site has been the easiest house sitting site by far for us to find houses, and we have also had many individual requests from home owners through the site. The systems in place on this site are clear and easy to use. The conversations with owners section is very helpful. It is also easy to use the testimonial site and the administrators have been very helpful and quick to respond to us. We have had 100% positive experiences in both using the site and with the people for whom we have minded homes and pets. We have also made a lot of new friends and have had many repeat requests to sit from people. The volume of choice for house sits in the small area we have chosen is really high. I highly recommend this site for both sitters and home owners. Sandra and Ross
Absolutely love your website. We really enjoy house sitting for others and will be organising someone to sit our house next year when we travel to Europe. I tell everyone to get on board and join up as it is a great way to see the country, meet new people and enjoy new experiences. Keep up the great work!!!! Jan
Thank you for your perfect, & reliable service for the entire length of my membership. I am approaching my 79 year & have decided to retire from the travel bit. Through your network I have visualed some of the most beautiful places in the east side of Aust, @ very low cost to me. Once again, thanks for your wonderful service. Feel free to use these writings for your benefit, to those that use your great system. Once again, thanks. Gary
I just wanted to say what a fantastic service Aussie housesitters provides! I met some wonderful people and their beautiful pets, and have highly recommended this site to other people. I will definitely use the site in the future if the need arises. Rosalie
I first joined Aussie House Sitters as a landlord looking for a sitter. Then I subscribed as a sitter myself. Housesitting through AHS kept me afloat during the last months of my teaching degree and also helped me settle into my new town. Aussie House Sitters also introduced me to some wonderful animals! I now have my own place again and I am grateful for the easy interface and great home owners I have met through AHS, some of whom were repeat clients, and are now friends. Thank you. Fantastic value and wonderful service. KJB
BIG THANKYOU Aussie House Sitters. Your service enables me to travel & live safely for work purposes. Your site is perfect for both home owners & sitters needs. Congratulations AHS for your outstanding service. Highly recommended to the public. Teresa
I joined a couple of months ago and already have a job over Easter and a 2 month job in the Riverland later in the year. I have received a number of enquiries from other people asking me to care for their animals and home. I have been astounded at the amount of interest, and it is very encouraging. I did originally join another agency, as I had never joined a housesitting agency before, just housesat by word of mouth. I didn't get any work at all with the other agency, then saw your site, and can't believe the interest. It's a great site to use, with lot's of useful information for the sitter as well. Thank you once again for an excellent service. Vicki
May I say you have been very professional, efficient, friendly, and a real pleasure to deal with. My experiences have been great, a nice change of scenery, and nice pets and their owners. Keep up the great work and best wishes. Ray
Thank you, Aussie House Sitters, absolutely brilliant service! Your site is so easy to use & comprehensive in its scope that I've been able to sort out my living arrangements for the rest of this year & into the next, with the range & diversity of locales, domiciles &, more importantly, animals that I was seeking. In several cases, the software, with the combination of the message function & availability of endorsements etc,enabled this to be achieved without having to meet the homeowners prior - while I like that part of the process, in our modern age, we simply can run out of time to get to all the places that we'd like to. Eternally grateful David
People don't get enough thanks, so here is a "Thank you" from Trish and Pauline. We have used your site for four years. Our adventures in travel have been incredible due to your site. We have returned to house sit on several occasions. We have made life-long friends - and- we have escaped LONG COLD AND SNOWY CANADIAN WINTERS. Thank you for making this possible. The Canucks, Pauline and Trish
I have used your services for 3 years & recommended you to many people. I found your website excellent & had many exciting housesits. Suzanna
You have a fantastic service and deserve every accolade that comes your way. Thank you soooooooooooooo much for your efforts on our behalf. Midge & Eddie
It has been great to belong to Aussie Housesitters on and off over the last 2 to 3 years. We've ranged from south east Queensland to southern Victoria and stayed mostly on rural properties. As a retired city dweller I've learned some very handy farming and animal husbandry skills along the way. In all that time each house sit dovetailed neatly with the next barring two occasions where a 5 day break in a caravan park was a welcome change. By arrangement we even managed to mind one owner's dogs for a second round at another owner's home. We miss most of our doggy pets so decided to acquire two "rescue" dogs of our own. The final housesit at Grassmere Victoria was exceptional for many reasons. We've also "belonged" to some wonderful churches along the way. We've met some great people and made some life long friends in the process and are grateful to Aussie House Sitters for an unforgettable three years. Frank and Anna
Since we have been registered with Aussie House Sitters we have seen so much of our wonderful country that we would not have of normally seen. We have had a lot of sits in both NSW and QLD. We have not had one bad experience. Thank you very much for having such a wonderful and easy to follow site.We have met some people that we are now good friends with. Once again thak you and keep up the excellent work. Dennis & Del
We have now been sitting continuously since June 2014, thanks to your site. Of the 23 different houses we've booked (up to Feb 2017), 19 were booked directly via AHS. We meet a lot of people all over the country and most are very interested, envious even, of what we do. We tell everyone, Aussie House Sitters is the one. Dan & Julie
You have one of the best-run websites I’ve ever seen. It certainly has led to some great friendships and memories. Cheers and thanks. Kathy
We are so very grateful. We have house sits for the 7 months that we needed them....such a relief. Your site is very user friendly. I never thought that I would actually enjoy using a website! Best regards and many thanks to the team. Richard & Penny
The past 5 years have been the best of our lives - meeting fabulous people and caring for their gorgeous pets. Joining Aussie House Sitters was the best thing we ever did and we thank you and your team for the very user-friendly website. We wish you all continuing success. Bill and Polly
I joined several house sitting sites in the beginning, but renewed with only one - Aussie House Sitters, as most of my sits came from there. I also found the reply rate from owners was infinitely better, the site had more features and was much more user-friendly than others, and there was more choice. Congratulations! Aussie House Sitters has enabled me to successfully become a full-time sitter, booked out for several months in advance. Margo
I have found all contact with the staff of Aussie House Sitters to be nothing short of amazing, and positive. Everyone I have spoken too have been very professional and extremely helpful. Kara
Hi Everyone concerned at Aussie House sitting. It has been an absolute pleasure house sitting thus far. We have met wonderful people whom we have the pleasure of keeping in touch with. It sure has been a great experience for us. Thankyou Denise
I've had more than 5 happy years house sitting with your site, and have recommended countless people there as sitters and owners. Thanks so much for a great site. I'll continue recommending you. Anna R.
Over all my very brief experience with you has been overwhelming and rewarding. Thanks for providing a really good, even fantastic, Aussie structured site. Paul R.
Congratulations on running a first class business, efficient, caring, and pleasant to deal with. You now have a customer for life with me. Ann
I so love the Aussie House Sitters site , its so well laid out , so easy to use, so professional , great detail in information when looking for houses to sit/ adverts from Home owners. Get sent adverts with dates I am looking for. Just so good, so glad I joined. I have looked at other associations, even joined one, and no where near as wonderful as this one. Heather
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and professionalism, an absolute pleasure to be dealing with you. Sandra
We had some great sits again during the five months we spent in Australia during 2015. You still are the best site and we had great hosts who have become good friends. Although we are now back home in Gibraltar we will be back with you at the end of 2016 ready for our next trip in 2017. Many thanks for your continued good service and easy to use site. See you again soon. Patricia and Howard
This adventure has been fabulous since I started 1 year ago. I had my first sit within 1 week of joining and am now sitting full-time and rarely without a place to rest, stay and play and now getting repeat customers which is very nice for all of us concerned. I'm loving exploring my own city and finding places that I would never have visited, some of them absolute gems to discover with the bonus of finding lovely people and pets along the way. It is a great way to live while helping each other out. Mazz
I have to say thankyou to you for providing a great service. Out of the 3 agencies we are with, yours is the easiest, clearest one by far. Great job. Rose-Mary
This has been a fantastic site for house sitting. We have met some great people and stayed three times at the same farm up to three months at a time. We have recommended Aussie House Sitting to anyone that asks about our experiences. Bob & Cheryl
Prior to joining Aussie House Sitters as a Sitter, I was a member of one of your competitor's sites. The difference is remarkable! Your site is so refreshingly easy to use, everything works as it should, super simple to quickly search for house sits. I absolutely love it! I am also getting regular direct contact from owners - another differentiating factor with your site compared to others out there. Within 48 hours of joining I had secured my first house sit and was approached by numerous home owners! Thank you for the superb service your provide. If I could send you a gold medal I would :-) Tara
Hi, I wasnt sure how house sitting would go but i have not been without a sitting job since joining and I have met wonderful people while experiencing a freedom from the mundane things in life. I am getting to see more of Perth in the last couple of months than I have in 14yrs of living here. Thank you for your wonderful site. Robyn
I would like to thank you for your easy to use website as I have had many wonderful experiences house sitting. I have cared for some lovely homes and pets and made lasting friendships with some of the house owners. I have also recommended your site to countless friends as a great way to visit and travel throughout Australia. Aileen
Thank you. I've just referred your site to good friends of ours who no doubt will be joining you too. Wonderful service and I'd say you are easily the best site for Australian sit assignments. Warmest regards Joan and Frank
Just letting you know we signed up with you in January this year, have completed two very successful house sitting jobs and returning to one of our first jobs. We love this concept as we are travelling nomads and it's helped us immensely with having a little break from caravanning, helped financially and meeting new friends. Thankyou once again Janelle n Bill
We have been using your site for the last three times we have been coming to Australia to visit with our family......each time we have managed to secure lovely house sits and have met people who have now become friends for life.This year we thought as more people are house sitting worldwide that we would join two other sites 'just in case' and guess what all our sits have come via your site yet again! We come over every other year from Gibraltar and house sitting is the only way we could afford to stay for five months each trip to visit our son and grand daughters. So, thank you, and as we are now fully booked we shall see you again next time! Many thanks and Bye for now, Kind Regards Patricia & Howard
My husband Mark and I have been with Aussie House Sitters for 2 years now and we just wanted to say what a blessing it has been in very way to use your facility. We were registered with 2 other house sitters but never used their services as you were so great. Over this time we were able to save up finances to buy our own house, which we'll move into in March. We just wanted to say how much we appreciate your service and the easy to use website. It has all been a great experience and we couldn't recommend you highly enough. Thank you for everything Julie and Mark
We're back ! Registered again as house sitters on your site! Our third time around now!Always a favourite , we have had loads of good 'sits' through Aussie Housesitters....met loads of new friends and have had nothing but positive results....thank you! Patricia
Absolutely incredible service! Put our house up for sitting yesterday afternoon, had several responses in less than 24 hours, have already met and engaged a delightful couple to sit our house. Thankyou!! Tim and Joan
As I am virtually fully booked until mid October 2015, I always refer everyone to Aussie Housesitters. Such was the case on Friday, when Marie, referred by a mutual friend, registered upon my recommendation with your superb organisation. Marie has informed me that within 24 hours they have engaged the services of a couple, who have references, police checks and are very suitable for their needs. What a great service you guys provide. I feel very justified to recommend Aussie Housesitters and I am proud to be a member. Laurie
My experience with Aussie House Sitters and the homes that I sat for was superlative!! Lovely homes, lovely people and pets that I truly bonded with. Housesitting allowed me to have a prolonged time living in the vicinity of my daughter & her family without being on her doorstep 24/7. I have recommended your site to countless folks as a great way to visit and travel throughout Australia. Wendy
Hi, great site - got two sits within 2 days!!! Howard
Aussiehousesitters has changed my life. Since joining Aussiehousitters prior to my retirement after 46 years teaching, I have been fully booked (with the exception of a few days) since June 2011. It's now 2014! Laurie
Hi there. Thanks for the great site. I have secured several house-sits this past 12 months, also 4 longer term sits for this year so very happy with your site and its success. Margaret
Just wanted to say Michael & I have had some great experiences with you guys! Within the first week of signing up we had our first house sit & now we are still doing house sits for people we sat for throughout the beginning of last year! fantastic idea! Amanda and Michael
We would like you to know that we are delighted with the Aussie House Sitters website. We signed up as house sitters on your site in October of this year. Within an hour of joining we applied for a house sit and were short listed, and we have been appointed. The first day we appeared on the site we received a phone call enquiry, and in the next couple of days received a couple more enquiries by phone. We have had more approaches from house owners through your site in the last three months than we have had from the other sites over a period of two years. We think you are doing a great job! Daniel and Jeanie
Hi team, just wanted to let you know we have putting out the word to friends that your website is the best for housesitting gigs. We are really impressed and have 8 sits in all. Thank you so much. Jill and Manfred
Congratulations on your new web site! Very stylish, and easy to read and update. Judy & Graeme
Your new site is AWESOME just love it keep up the great job your doing. We have had back to back house sitting since April 2012, thanks. Denis & Jan
I just wanted to thank you as I have landed two house sitting jobs from your site already. Marlene
I have received quite a number of requests to house-sit in Tasmania. Thanks! Diane
We are very happy with your house sitting site, we are currently house sitting and loving it. Regards, Ann
Just to let you know, we have had many requests for house sitting.  The one we're doing at the moment is perfect, suits our time frame, the house is immaculate and extremely comfortable. We will be thrilled. A.P.
Thank you for your help and efficient service. We have already received three enquiries. Russell & Dell
We have had four successful house sits since registering with you and have another two coming up to take us until January next year.  Great stuff! Peter
Since registering with your organisation, we have had 12 house sits and are currently on the longest house sit to date, for six months, at Capalaba, a suburb not far from our own home. Thank you. Beppie
Keep up the good work...we love using your site.. better than any travel agent ever!! cheers, Jenny
Hi. We'd just like to say were really pleased with Aussie House Sitters. We just registered yesterday and we already have an offer of a house sit, were impressed. I see you offer a House Sitting Agreement too, great. Thanks again. Regards, Graham & Lorna
By FAR the best Housesit site. I have had some brilliant sits in a very short period of time. Paul
I found the Aussie House sitters website an excellent means to ensure back to back house sits almost all the time over the 13 months I was sitting. A great service, thank you. Lynnette
Just to let you know that we have had back to back bookings for over 2 years now. Stay well, cheers Dee & Nev
I thank you for your service and the years of enjoyment I have had from all the owners I have housesat for. It is a great site and I compliment you on the way it is run. Thank you once again. Shirley C
We have just regisered for the 2nd yr with aussie housesitters, have had 2 housesits and again booked for another 2 which has fit in with our travel plans. We are thoroughly enjoying the experience. Thankyou. Doug and Sylvia
Big thank you to Aussie House Sitters for 6 WONDERFUL YEARS. Met wonderful owners, repeat sits, now our treasured friends. To anyone thinking of sitting do it with the main focus being welfare of the animals, respect owners privacy always as they completely trust you with their pets and home. Aussie House Sitters we will be back sometime in the future. Dave and Sheryl
We find Aussie House Sitters the absolutely greatest house sit site! Your website is easy and fast to handle, the ads are wonderful with pictures and information and home owners are good in replying and sending personal notes. Menekse and James
Aussie Housesitters has been an amazing service for me and made a very positive impact on my life. Thankyou all so much for providing such a valuable opportunity and always being so supportive and fair. Your response to any question or concerns that I have had have always been prompt and reassuring. Jennifer
I have been with Aussie House Sitters for several years and I’ve had such an incredible journey. I have met so many wonderful home owners all around Australia who have trusted me to look after their home, animals and garden. Aussie House Sitters have the best range of all the house sitting websites for house sits in Australia. They offer an easy to use and simple platform which to be honest we have not really found any real faults with. Aussie House Sitters has also grown in the time I have been with them and they have become so professional with updates to their website constantly to make the website very user friendly. This makes the process so much easier for the house sitter and home owner. I have travelled around Australia and discovered some memorable locations. Aileen
Many thanks for the awesome service via your website. I have been able to save for my house deposit and have met some lovely people and their pets. Bec
Hi Guys. A big thankyou to you for this wonderful site. I'm absolutely enjoying every moment minding other people's loved pets and communicating with their owners on meet and greets and follow ups. Thank you to the wonderful owners who have put their trust in me. Sandra
We have so enjoyed our house-sitting experiences, your site is easy to navigate to find and keep track of house-sits and it was great to be able to give and get endorsements for the house-sits we undertook. Thank you so much for your help, we have stayed in lovely homes and cared for many beautiful fur babies through your site. Judy
From a Penthouse on the beach at Tennyson SA, a Vineyard on the edge of the Barossa SA, high on a hill overlooking Phillip Island VIC to Eggs & Bacon Bay TAS for Christmas our housesitting EXPERIENCES have been & continue to be WONDERFUL!!! Our love of animals knows no bounds, to care for the loved pets of others is further enriching our spirits. There's been scary Dobermans, "Boozle & Bello" (whom we won over in a day), dear little "George" who decided he just HAD to sleep with us & keep our feet warm, gorgeous "Gina" the lovable rescue dog, the timid elegant "Lucie" the Lassie, "Tinky" the supposedly shy pussycat who just wouldn't leave my side, to "Bunny" the Rabbit, all the beautiful chooks of varieties we'd never seen before & of whom delivered us not only fresh eggs but even a tiny chick to care for! "Oscar" the handsome blue eyed Ragdoll who snuck into our motorhome for a nap at every opportunity, "Ken" the Spanador who still rates as the naughtiest hound even after all forms of obedience training & his apprentice the stunning Bengal "Billee"! There's been a Cockatiel, Goldfish & HUGE exotic Fish, Turtles big & small, Green Tree Frogs, a breed of Sheep (4 in total) which made me think of "Wallace & Gromit", I could go on & on. Homes of all sizes with gardens to match, we've loved & watered them too with the bonus of having permission to collect & consume their bounty. We have loved them all & have even been fortunate enough to return sit some of them again. The very best thing we've done since retiring was to purchase our lovely motorhome followed very closely, ... was joining Aussie House Sitters!!! Paula and Marty
Hi, just wanted to say how great your latest website is. We have been using your website for house sitters almost since inception so we have seen the development of the website. It is so much easier to find a sitter with the current search engine and the design to the eye is professional. Thank you for providing such a great website. Rhonda K. R. QLD
We knew nothing about house-sitting when we started on 1/1/2015 and want to let you know what a splendid "life experience" it has been for us, right up to our very last job on 25/1/2018! You have created a seamlessly effective communication opportunity for both home-owners and sitters, giving everyone the widest possible choice of "partners" leading inevitably to complete satisfaction and enjoyment. for all. Thank you "in spades"!! Ian and Belinda
We have been house sitting for a year and not only are we meeting many interesting people (and pets) we are also seeing a lot of the country. The whole experience is teaching us life lessons that we would never have learnt retired somewhere tucked away. Barbara and Stuart
We knew nothing about house-sitting when we started on 1/1/2015 and want to let you know what a splendid "life experience" it has been for us, right up to our very last job on 25/1/2018! You have created a seamlessly effective communication opportunity for both home-owners and sitters, giving everyone the widest possible choice of "partners" leading inevitably to complete satisfaction and enjoyment for all. Thank you "in spades"!! Ian and Belinda
Many thanks for your kind reward very much appreciated. What started out for what we thought would be a twelve month journey has now turned out a four year most enjoyable journey. We have not had one bad day house sitting and met some wonderful people and pets many which have now have become lifetime friends. Warwick & Marlene
Just want to thank you for the excellent service you provide. I know we pay for this service , but in this day and age I find your attention to detail outstanding and just want to say "" THANKS "" Peter D.
We moved to Melbourne from New Zealand about 6 years ago, we didn't know the city so trying to choose an area to live was difficult, i thought if ever we are going to try house sitting, now is the time. We joined aussie house sitters and within a week we had organised our first sit for 6 weeks with a lovely family from Narre Warren. While we were there we applied for more house sits, before we knew it we had completed 5 sits and had experienced living in many different suburbs of Melbourne which enabled us to get to know the place quite well. One sit took us to Brisbane, the house owners allowed 2 of our adult sons to join us and we had a family catch-up over Christmas, which was wonderful. We love the clear and full information including maps and pictures, we have found Aussie House sitters site so easy to use, even for us, not so tech-savvy, older bods!! We have used others but find Aussie house sitters is our Go To site whenever we want to browse what is on offer. We have found Nick and his team very responsive and helpful, and I am always telling people about it and to 'give it a go'. So thanks team for some great holidays and good experiences. It is a wonderful concept. Karen and Jim C
Hi AHS, Just have to say your site is WONDERFUL!!! We are currently having great success in sitting around Adelaide since joining you guys. All the home owners we've met with thus far have engaged us. We've completed 2 sits since joining AHS, our first at beautiful Beauty Point, TAS & 1 in Woodside, SA. We have as of today, 4 more confirmed sits & 2 more meet up's arranged *Congratulations on such a brilliant, easy to set up, easy to monitor site which is providing varied travel destinations & pet loving experiences for us & many others. ;) Paula & Marty ("the Moose")
Thankyou Aussie House Sitters You have done it again for us. We have got a two month house sitting assignment through you site in Nindeery, Qld. They were excellent people to deal with and after one phone call accepted my wife and myself as their house sitters. We live in Albury NSW and are now looking forward to getting away from our cold southern winter. Your site is great and we will continue to use it for any future house sitting. After Nindeery we have another month at Margate in Queensland. We love house sitting and have made many life long friends. Thankyou. David and Glenys
Thanks for the wonderful service you you have presented me with over the years. I would not have seen the eastern side, or care took so many great properties with out your programme. Thanks again. Gary
We had 7 house-sits for all the months that we needed them while waiting for our new home in a retirement village to be completed. Thank you for your wonderful site and organisation. Penny
I love Aussie Sitters and often recommend people looking for a sitter to use your site, I tell people you are local and the BEST SITE I have found. You do provide a great service. Margaret
I only just joined up a few days ago - looking for a Xmas/New Year sit in the Melb area, as my son is now living there. I had 2 replies to my applications within 24hrs, & have now arranged a sit which suits the pet/house owner & myself perfectly. A fab result - so thanks. My $65 membership paid off immediately. Cheers & thanks AHS. John
Just want to say a big Thank You for our great experiences during 2016. We have been using your site for the past year and you have given us so many great homes and pets to care for and meeting new and interesting people new wonderful exciting areas to visit and lastly but not least managed to put money into our bank account for a trip ourselves. Thanks to you we have had a great year. Anne & Dave
Aussie House Sitters is by far the most professional and well-organised house sitting site I’ve dealt with, and should my circumstances change I’d definitely go with Aussie House Sitters again. Jen
We have met some wonderful people and have had some great housesitting places. We do still have quite a few repeats each year and regard these people as our dear friends now. Thank you for your service and we would recommend anyone to your site. Wishing you many years of success. Pam and Gary
We would just like to thank Aussie House Sitters for helping us to secure some great housesits whilst we were in Australia for part of our "gap year". The site was easy to use and is well subscribed by house owners thus making it easy for us housesitters to find a suitable placement. Angela & John
You guys do a great job, thank you. I am extremely happy with the way things have gone; Aussie House Sitters is very professional and attracts excellent folks wanting to housesit. Doris
I just started house sitting in December 2015 but I have had lots of house sitting jobs since then! I highly recommend signing up. Its true what they say, I was contacted within 2 weeks to house sit. It really doesn't matter what reasons you want to do house sitting, the Homeowners are generally very considerate and usually are willing to take into account your abilities and are willing to negotiate anything you might have a problem with! Jacqueline
Thank you for providing such a wonderful service. I have met such lovely home owners and had adorable pets to take care of since I joined! Mandy
Within 6 hours of signing up on the Aussie House Sitters website, I was contacted by a house owner from Victoria. Him and his wife were kind enough to trust us with their home and cat, and on top of it, because my partner is a professional painter, they also trusted us with painting the outside of their home. Our first housesitting assignment in Australia was a blast. Because of this wonderful website, we got the chance to settle down and live a 'normal' life for two weeks instead of living out of our van. We also had the chance to meet some great locals and experience the Victoria pub culture. Our expectations were exceeded. Websites like Aussie House sitters are wonderful as they bring good people together. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! Sarah and Alexis, two Canadian backpackers
Just want to say thanks for a great, user-friendly website - we secured 2 long term positions from it that we were really happy with. Thanks again. Judi & Ian
We love all the animals & have met some beaut people in a variety of locations where we mightn't necessarily spend time otherwise. We are very glad we joined Aussie House-sitters & we just got another appt for the end of the year when we return from Europe so that was beaut. I am also so grateful that Admin is so supportive and so quick to respond. Lyn & Kel
Thank you for all the house sits we have received though here. Your site is the most detailed and efficient House Sitters sites and we recommend you to many. Roslyn
We are travelling eco-nomads who from time to time like to "sit" in the one place. Therefore linking up with AussieHouseSitters has been a distinct advantage in finding great sits. This has been a great service so we are happy to continue our membership. Jenny and Kaye
Just want to thank you for your site. We have had some fabulous house sits and met some great people and awesome pets and also finished up in some most unlikely places which we wouldn't have gone to without the aussiehousesitters site. Thanks once again. Margaret and Steve
Just a quicky to say thank you for the variety of opportunities you give many sitters and myself to have adventures in different parts of our beautiful continent . For me personally it's about having the chance to look after the beautiful furry, fluffy feathery and finny animals out there ! I only wish I could clone myself and look after all of them! Thanks again, With a woof meow chirp ssssss Annette
Thanks for allowing us to do some great house sits. We have thoroughly enjoyed them all. I have recommended your site to quite a few people that want to do sitting or need a sitter. Regards, John and Jan
We found four houses to house sit whilst we were on our travels from WA to QLD via TAS in the past 10 months. We are currently back looking after a farm stay which we did 9 months ago. The owners left today happy in the knowledge that we will look after their home and business. We found your site easy to use and have recommended it to many people who asked us how they could house sit as well. Thank you Maureen
We have been very successful with house sits through your database and although a lot of our house sits are repeat requests, I still count them separately and to date we have completed 102 house sits, mostly in the Brisbane area but also some in Tasmania. When the home owners see how contented their pets appear to be when they get back and then we visit them afterwards and see how the pets behave towards us, we know that we've done something right and from that, we have had so many repeat house sits. We've discovered many things in many different suburbs and get to know the back roads as well. It's such an interesting thing to do and we've now been house sitting for almost 9 years. Your database is very informative with various links and much more information than other websites for house sitting, also the cost is very economical when you consider how much you can save by not having to pay rent. It's an excellent webpage that you have and I do thank you for your ongoing help. We have two 'gaps' this year inbetween house sits but the friends that we've made through house sitting have offered us accommodation for those small 'gaps' so we have made long lasting friends through house sitting. Beppie
I wanted to once again thank you for the absolutely incredible brainchild you had when you set up this facility to match people up for a mutually convenient service - the giving and receiving of domestic help in a safe, secure and satisfying environment - the family home. Your site and its reasonable charge of just $65 for a year was the best investment I made last year when I needed to leave the comfort of my life in Canberra to be in Brisbane for my young adult son you required medical treatment for an extended period. In addition to saving on accommodation costs and enjoying the conveniences of already well established and fitted out homes, in particular kitchens, my husband and I formed wonderful friendships with no less than five families for whom we sat. Four in Brisbane and one in Cairns when we went there for a holiday after all the emotional trauma with our son. We continue to keep in touch with these people although in a different context now. Sandra
I just wanted to say thankyou again for the wonderful service your website provides. We have used your housesitters twice now and have just returned from a lovely three weeks away knowing our furkids and home were left in great hands. Leith and June did a wonderful job of caring for our 18mth labrador and our 18 year old cat. The house was immaculate and the pool and gardens were better than we we would do ourselves. The improved system of communication through the website was so easy and reliable. During the holiday my phone died along with all my contacts so it was fantastic to be able to keep in contact with the sitters through your site. I always tell people about using "aussiehousitters" because it has been such a successful and easy thing to do. The pets get cared for at no cost, house and gardens maintained while you are away and the sitters get a holiday at the beach, rentfree! I absolutely loved coming home to a clean house after a wonderful holiday. Not only that, we have some new friends who love our pets as much as we do! Thanks again. Jenny and Ross
We can highly recommend the Aussie House Sitters service. We have just renewed our membership for the third time and have found it extremely useful. As permanent travellers in our motorhome we do like to stop and enjoy the countryside occasionally and doing a house sit gives us the perfect opportunity to really get to know an area and see it fully. We have also met some lovely people and pets. We're really looking forward to our next house sit in February 2014 and another opportunity to have an exciting adventure. Carole & Stephen
I said we would let you know how we have fared after we became house sitters with Aussie House Sitters. I am pleased to say that your service has been very kind and we are getting a very good response - not all suit or they sometimes clash with others, but overall we have been quite successful and we have made some good friends. . . . Phil
Since registering with you we have had quite a few enquiries, and will be house sitting in Pampas near Toowoomba for Jan-Feb next year. Thanks for the service Max & Joan
I would like to say that the website is fantastic and easy to use. I enjoyed housesitting in the first house I had house sat for.  The neighbours were fantastic and I continue to enjoy the company of the homeowners! Helena
Thank you. We managed to find 2 house sits during our time with Aussie House Sitters. We also received many emails from people of which we needed to decline due to duplication. We have decided to rent now, but our house sitting experience was a positive one. Jacqui
We registered to house sit a few months ago and have been very lucky in acquiring a 12 mth contract. As you can imagine we are delighted with our response to joining Aussie House Sitters. Pauline & Gordon
I am already receiving calls for housesitting and wish to thank you at Aussie House Sitters. Regards, Ann
I've been meaning to e-mail you. For what it is worth I think the site really looks good. We are currently at an extended sit at  Hervey Bay,  6 months, which is timed to finish mid-july. Would you believe we are getting at least 10 to 12 enquiries  each and every week, which I have been able to establish with the vast majority coming from your website........Well Done !! At most opportunities we take the opportunity to point out that we have found your group to be helpful, reliable and above all very professional............ We mean this and you can be assured we would not say that if we did not believe this, as it would be if we were not happy we would speak with you direct. Chop ! Chop ! That's about it for now, there is another request just come in, we will not be able to help them out they want March to June 2007.... Frankly we are considering a few right now which could well take us right through untill March 2008.  Our very best regards to you all. Philip
I am currently sending this from a housesit that came via your site, it is our 2nd stint here and will almost certainly not be the last. We are here for another couple of weeks then off to Mt tambourine for another one that has come via your site. We are very happy with the number of enquiries we receive, we have got about 50 or 60 since registering 6 months ago. I don't know how that compares to other sitters but it is more than enough for us. We reply to every contact whether we are available or not. We are very discerning but feel we can afford to be - the offers keep rolling in, and of course once you start then word of mouth keeps you in "work". We have met lots of people and will keep on going for a long time yet. As well as offers we have been asked by quite a lot of people about the whole idea and we have recommended your site highly. Nick & Cherie
It seems everyone is wanting a house sitter for May as i have had numerous offers to house sit but have had to decline as i am booked up. I have had many homeowners email me asking me to house sit through out the year but i only have a few months that are available - so yes your website is working wonders. Angela
Since joining Ausise House Sitters I have received over 20 offers and one was in NZ. So now I have 3 by 3 months up to Jan 08. I could of arranged to go to any of the reply's I received, to WA SA Tassie etc. I had so many offers I was really surprised. I have given your "House sitters" site to all the people that have been interested in what I am doing. Bette
As house sitters we have really been impressed with the amount of contacts we have received through your site and will certainly be applying to sit again at a later date. Valerie
Although I have not been on the Aussie House Sitters database for very long, I have corresponded and spoken to serveral lovely people who have contacted me. The Aussie House Sitters Site is extremeley easy to use and I look forward to using your services in the future. Janet
Have just tonight accepted two sits, one in South Oz for June and one in Tas for August and September. I think your service is tops! Len
I joined housesitters in March 2007 and have received three jobs which will take me up till January 2008. I wasn't quite sure whether I'd enjoy staying in someone else's house but it's working out great. Will keep doing this now and may even travel later on. Thank you. Max
Since joining Aussie House Sitters I have sat in Semaphore Adelaide, Peterhead Adelaide, Innasfail and am going to Barmera for 4mths. I am really enjoying house sitting and enjoy looking after the owners pets so that they can enjoy a break without having to worry about them. Sylvia
We get a lot of reply's from homeowners to our house sitters listing. We have been all over Australia since we have joined up with Aussie House Sitters. We are living in a beautiful Country. Get out there and discover it. It has been a great opportunity for us. Thank you Ausie House Sitters Bill & Lyn
We have been quite overwhelmed by responses to our listing to be a sitter, having received 4 offers. We have had to decline 2 for family reasons but the other 2 look really promising. Keep up the good service. Dianne
Thank you, I had more success from your house sitting service than I had from some others. I certainly will be recommending your service. Fiona
Hi Team. Thanks for having such a great site. I have been fortunate enough to gain 2 house sits and although they are for future dates I have spoken to both and feel like they will be perfect for us. I'm really looking forward to meeting these people who sound really great. What a great way to meet new friends! Sue
Our experience with Aussie House Sitters has been quite remarkable and we see no reason why it should not remain that way. Following a health scare early in the year, my wife Joan and I decided that if we were ever going to see some more of Australia we had better get started real quick. Real quick has meant that from the original idea in the middle of March we actually started this current sit on the 27th April. Plus without too much effort we also arranged two more sits covering until November. It was incredibly easy and straight forward. Not only that but we continued to get futher offers such, we had to edit our details on the list to indicate we were not available until November. We are very impressed with the results from Aussie House Sitters. Joan & Joe
Just to let you know that we have been extremely happy with the response we have had from your housesitting site. Over the past twelve months we have been members we have had a least between 20-30 responses and have had several housesittings in different states and our next one will be Perth. We have no hesitation in renewing our subscription as we have met some wonderful people and we consider this best thing we have ever done.  We wish we could do more but family and other restrictions limit us. Pam & Garry
Think we joined about four months ago and we're happy with things to date. We've had several opportunities both for short and long term sits. Finished second just days ago. Off to Tassie for our third (3 weeks) in mid August. Odd choice in mid winter but Hey, someone else is paying the heating bills and we do have rellies to visit in Tassie. Good work.  Len and Jill
We have just started our first housesit and we are over the moon. AUSSIE HOUSE SITTERS has been great to be able to select a suitable homesit and we already have 6 months booked from now until next june 08 so say no more. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! Will get back to you later. Pam & Neil
I've had 2 wonderful house sits, with happy dogs and happy return-home-owners. And lots of enquireis from potential house sits that I couldn't fill. There's so much out there. Thanks so much! Fiona
I would like to praise your site it is great and I have been in contact with so many people and have acquired house sits so fast.  The owners are so prompt and friendly.  I have been house sitting for a few years now but your site makes it so much easier for me.  Thank you. Shirley
Had a fantastic two month house sit up at Peachester near Maleny over the June July months. It was soooo good. I met some really great neighbours and they all want me back to do their house sitting. How great is that? Thanks a million guys! Bernadette
We have had great results for housesitting using your service. We have been to Victoria, NSW & QLD, made lots of new friends & been asked to return next year. Have another month from next week at Bryon Bay. Over the year we have had 15 requests but regretably had to decline, but already have some booked for 2008. We are having lots of fun & interesting times travelling about & recommend Aussie House Sitters to anyone. Regards, Margaret & John
I just would like to say that it is a great website and provided me with some good opportunities to house sit. Bronwyn
We have just returned from house sitting for 8 weeks in New Norfolk Tasmania this was our first time and the same for the people who's home we sat this was not just there home we sat but also looked after there tourist accommodation business as well on a full time bases which we had never done before. We had a great time and made some great new friends it was very sad to say good buy. We have to thank Aussie house sitters for there great web sight and to Veronica & John from the Shingles for putting so much Trust in us thank you. We can not wait for our next house sit. Barbara & Garry
For your information we have done two house sits - one for 4 weeks and one for 4 months. Both were fun and we enjoyed the experience. We have also had about a dozen other requests but were not able to oblige due to other commitments including the 4 months house sit. So many thanks :) Gillian & Gary
Think the site is wonderful have just accepted another sit for 4 months. Regards, Tess & Pete
We would like to thank you for the excellent service you provide. Within a few weeks of registering we received an email from a lady asking us to housesit her unit in Mosman, Sydney, for 9 days. We emailed her our mobile phone number and after a long chat she was very comfortable with offering us the housesit. Terry & Cheryl
I would like to thank your site for the wonderful time and life I am having with all my house sit jobs. I have met some lovely people having done jobs in Berkeley, Ashtonfield, Wolumla, Hervey Bay I have had no bad experiences to date. I am booked up till next November and I am having a ball what a life, and what a way to see Australia and I have no problem with having to use public transport it is just the greatest. Thanks again Shirley
Hi Aussie House Sitters Team, We won't be renewing our membership this year, not because we were not happy with the response to our membership, but rather because we have moved into a new house and need to spend some time getting it in order. We were actually inundated with opportunities for house sitting last year and, had we been able to, we could have spent almost the whole year away from home. Requests came for us to spend 2 months at Lake Munmorah, 2 months at Charlestown, 1 month at Port Macquarie, 4 months at Coffs Harbour and 1 month at Wangi Wangi. So, your website really does work and once we get sorted here we will think about rejoining. It's a great way to have a change of scenery and to give others the peace of mind in knowing that their pets and home are being cared for while they are away. Thanks for the opportunity. Marion and Kelvin
Hello thanks for renewal reminder. Patrick is currently away on a farm sit. Yes, we will renew. We have had a very successful year with Aussie House Sitters. Around 130 enquiries. We have squeezed in 6 Pet Sits and met some fantastic pets and people in the process. We have been given wonderful references - a great boost when you haven't had one for many years. Pet Sitting has given us confidence that, despite our retirement, our ability to manage animals and look after a house is still very alive and so are we. We plan an extended overseas holiday ourselves. Regards, Eileen
It has been 12 months nearly since we started house sitting and we have sat at some very nice houses and some ordinary houses but all the owners have been excellant people. we have had numerous unsolisited requests to sit which we could not attend to as we were already booked. we have houses with dogs and indeed one sit involved 3 dogs. we are so pleased to have taken on sitting and would say to those thinking of doing the same --go for it. we are usually booked 12 months in advanced and apart from meeting nice home owners we are seeing the country side. thanks to the organisers of the site -- a job well done Brian
Dear Aussiehousesitters, We found your service satisfactory and achieved the results we wanted while we built our house and we had about 6 or so responses as we were specific on Hervey Bay area. Thank you for your help. Regards, Kevin and Pam
I've been very successful with your web-site, thank you! Not only have I found a number of home-owners on the site, but a number of homeowners have rung me directly too. I've had to decline a number of offers already and have in fact, referred many people to your web-site to find a suitable sitter. Thanks very much! Charmaine
Hello, we have found your site to be excellent in regards to finding farm sits in W.A. We have both been so happy with our new way of life, we would recommend it to anyone, wanting a complete change to their lives. We have been in the West for 6 months - we have untill the middle of July booked up. Des & Marj
We are currently in Rockhampton Queensland on our second sit arranged through the site. Kind regards, John
Thank you we were contacted after only 48 hours after registering with you. WE live in Cairns and are now taking on a sitting job in Albany (WA). This will be a great experience (we hope) as we will be riding our motobikes over to WA. We couldn't be happier. I was quite amazed how quickly we had responses. We actually thought we would have to do the chasing. Thank you again. Peter & Dolores
As an Aussie living in the U.K. with an English wife, we have just completed our first experience of house-sitting in Australia. Six weeks on the NSW Central Coast turned out to be a dream holiday and we felt privileged to be trusted by strangers to care for their home and cat etc. Aussie Housesitters could not have been more helpful right from the beginning and their fees are well below so many others. With such a good data base of addresses they provided a good choice in all areas. Living in a fairly small community we soon made friends with neighbours who showed exceptional kindness and warmth. We were encouraged to join in all sorts of organisations, including a Yoga class for seniors, bowls at the local church, the busy R.S.L. club and so on. Choosing not to rent a car we used a good local bus and train service for day trips and shopping. Some neighbours noticed this and insisted on taking us out sightseeing in their cars. Such kind people. It was a pleasure to look after the property as we would our own and we were able to keep in touch with the owners from time to time by e-mail. They were great to deal with right from the start and they even said we were doing them a favour. The pleasure was ours! Can't wait for another opportunity to leave the British winter and find another house-sit with Aussiehousesitters. John & Chris
I'm just writing to say thank you for your easy to navigate and cost effective website, and your prompt and helpful attention to my earlier techical difficulties. I have not house sat before, but have managed to secure a 6 week sit of a gorgeous house with equally gorgeous pets within a week of signing up! I thought my lack of experience would make it hard to get a place, but apparently not! I look forward to many more experiences as an Aussie house sitter after this one! Regards, Tabitha
Our experience to housesit an australian house with dog, 20 chicken, cat and colourful birds was just so good. Our little girls (3 and 1 year old) enjoyed it also very much. The beach, the wildlife and travelling afterwards. The 3 year old started to speak english and the other one learned to walk in australia. We had such a wonderful time. Without Aussie House Sitters we couldn't have done this ever. Ulli and Wolfgang (from Austria)
Since we joined last year (2007) we have been flat out and have offers of bookings through to Jan 2010. Neil
We are almost ready to unpack our bags and boxes having house sat for the last few years. House sitting has enabled us to travel wherever we want. We have met some interesting people and made a few friends along the way. Starting in Tasmania we were on a 6 week holiday and wanted to see more ....... Logged on the Aussie House Sitters site, completed the information request - paid the registration fee - 36 hour later I confirmed my first house sit! We enjoyed three house sits in Tasmania over a period of 5 months. Our duties ranged from feeding thorough bred horses, chickens, walking dogs watering gardens and taking bookings for a B&B, all of which gives you freedom to enjoy the location and get to know the locals. On our return to NSW we had two prospective house sits both successfully completed. We then spent Christmas in the UK returning with two more prospective house sits ........... House sitting is a fantastic experience, it gives you the freedom to travel every where your heart desires and your feet can carry you. Thank you to Aussie House Sitters for the opportunity and this great experience! Lynda
Thanks for your assistance - it is much appreciated. I love your site and the personal feel it gives out. I have enjoyed sits and sitters through it. Keep up the great work and thanks for the prompt feedback - cheers!! Jenny
We received our first sit on the Centrel Coast within two hours of joining! We are so pleased and it has opened up a new world for us both. Thank you for all your help. Garry & Linda
We are currently sitting at Banora Point for the winter, this is our second time for these folks, they are spending the summer in the UK, from whence they came to AUS back in the 1960s. We are still getting plenty of calls , averages around 3-4 each week. Regards as always. Audrey & Peter
You wouldn't read about it but immediately after receiving your last email we got and accepted an offer from Tasmania. Cheers! Karl
Hi there, I have just paid for another years membership and very happy with all the enquiries we have had. You offer a great service and I thank you. We are house sitting for 9 months, again thanks. Pam
We have been house-sitting for 5 years now and even though we have only been with Aussie House Sitters for 12 months we do have to say it is the friendliest and easy of sites to access that there is. You seem to only advertise the nicest of sits with the friendliest of people. Having been house sitters and also have had sitters of our own we know how scary it can be for the home owner to put their lives, homes and trust in strangers. As sitters it is always our job to put the home owners at ease and treat their homes as we would like ours to be treated, with the utmost of care and respect. We highly recommend Aussie House Sitters to both sitters and home owners, kind regards, Jenny & Maurice
This is a our second house sit and we have been overwhelmed by the amount of offers we are receiving. Our first house sit was a wonderful experience at a remote location and we have become good friends with the home owners. We have been invited back to their property and have invited them to ours. I am very impressed with your prompt reply. Many of our friends have asked us to forward your Web Site details on to them. Keep up the good work Phil
In January, 2008, I spent a blissful week, sitting a Sydney beaches house, with my daughter, and owners' dog. We had a ball of a week, with the owner being very happy with us, and us with them. Aussie House Sitters made communication very easy, and we both made a good 'match' through the website. We will definitely do this again!! Kerry
I have just renewed my membership for Aussie House Sitters. Last year was my first year and I had plenty of "jobs" and realy enjoyed going to new places and meeting new people. There are always plenty of people looking for house sitters on this web site which gives us plenty of choice. Keep up the good work! John
We have only been registered with you for a few weeks and have got our first booking already for 3 months. We have also had several people contact us from the database. Everyone is very pleasant and quick to respond to emails. Pamela and Gerry
We are currently enjoying a 4 month stint in Coffin Bay SA and loving it. Thanks! Kris
Dear Aussie House Sitters, We appreciated the really great service you guys supplied. We were able to house sit for a crucial 4 month period for which we were most thankful. Regards, George & Lynette
I have found myself right at home with Aussie House Sitters. I have been able to housesit places for almost 3 years now, with thanks to this site and, undoubtedly, also Nick's integrity (Nick 'owns' this site). I have met the best people throughout those 3 years, and have felt privileged time and again for being able to care for other people's homes, gardens and pets. It's such a joyful and shared experience. Josee
As house sitters your service was very helpful to us in easing our move from Brisbane to Sydney, given the relative cost of housing. Thanks, Michaell
I was recommended to your service by a friend. I was sceptical, however I have had tremendous response from some lovely homeowners and have confirmed a sit. I will recommend your service. Thankyou. Regards, Patricia
Just to let you know we have just completed our first house-sit. We were a bit nervous but we did not need to be. The home was clean and tidy and the pets very well behaved. We felt really comfortable. They thanked us on their return and said they would contact us again next year to see if we were available. Now the ice has been broken we are really looking forward to our next sit (3 months in Bridgetown) followed straight on by another (3 months in Cranbrook). Thank you for giving us the opportunity to house sit through your easy to use website. Pamela
We had a wonderful time house sitting in Qld, and have become good friends, not only with the folk whose home we looked after, but with other people we met with regularly while we were there. We think yours is a great service, and we thank you for 'placing' us in 2008. Sincerely, Maureen and Mac
Please be advised that we no longer require your services in finding a house to sit. We had a great reception from our house sititng profile on your website and have all the dates filled we required. Thank you so much and we will certainly tell our friends about your assistance. Regards, Del and Evan
Just want to let you know I have been successful in obtaining a sit through your site. I thank you very much and now can look forward to another sitting duty after mid October. Michelle
Your site has been invaluable. It has enabled me to live in some amazing places. Cheers! Marion
We've recently finished a great (5 week) house sit in Maroochydore, Qld. The house, garden, goldfish and owners were all lovely and it was a perfect time for us to catch up with family and friends in the region, plus explore the area ourselves. The home owners were very happy with our level of caretaking, so we now have a good reference for future opportunities in 2010. Aussiehousesitters has worked well for us and we'll continue to use the site while ever we have time for house sitting. Thanks! Heather and John
Hello, I have just extended my registration for the 3rd year of membership as a sitter. Since becoming a member I have been able to secure assignments in the locations of MY chosing at times that suit me. When I have a need for accomodation in a particular area within a date range, I view the "I need a sitter" advert and each time I have found a suitable sit within a week or so. I keep my details current at all times and receive numerous requests from owners needing a sitter. Now have a very good reference base and am invited back to sit properties from past assignments. So thankyou, this is a great service and well worth the registration fee. Sincerely, June
We have been very happy with your site and have been housesitting since we first logged onto your site (over 12 months ago). We had a sit within hours of joining. Very good work from your team. Debbie & Peter
Just like to thank you for a fantastic 2 years house sitting with your company. Being retirees we were free to travel and undertook house sitting jobs in Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. It has been an amazing 2 years and have met many lovely people on the way. If ever we look to house sit again around Australia we will definitely sign up to Aussie House Sitters once more. Great service, cheap membership and nice people too! Judy & Cain
We have enjoyed being in the organisation and have had quite a few sits (with and without pets) and about 4 repeat sits since we joined almost 2 years ago. We have made quite a few new friendships as well, along the way. Thank you. Cheers - Norma & Max
Natalie & I would highly recommend Aussie House Sitters. We have done some great house sits, met some lovely people and some adorable pets! Natalie & Fiona
I have been meaning to write to you to say how wonderful we think Aussiehousesitters is. We live in the UK and for many years have been visiting Australia for maybe 2 months at a time maximum because of financial constraints. Since 'discovering' housesitting we are able to extend the time we spend here and as an added bonus many of the people we have housesat for we now consider as friends. Housesitting is very much a two way benefit and we know how comforting it is to homeowners to be able to leave their home and beloved pets with people they can trust. So, thank you for offering the service, and we hope we will be back housesitting in Australia in the not too distant future. Best wishes. Viv and Barry
We have had 2 successful house-sits. We think that the concept is great and that the site is very user-friendly and attractive. Cheers, Carole P.
We have been members for nearly a year now. Our first house sit for 3 weeks last Christmas for a lovely young family at the Gold Coast was a great introduction to house sitting. Our second experience here at Hervey Bay for 10 weeks allowed us to renovate our house. Our next house sit will be at Mosman in Sydney at Christmas. We really enjoy the chance to meet new people and holiday in a more relaxed environment than a hotel. We remain in contact with our home owners. We have been the first house sitters on each occasion. Cheers, Les & John
I'm afraid your organisation is just too successful. We have been inundated with requests and fantastic references from the people we have sat for. They all want us to come back. We will not renew our membership this year because we can't cope with the influx. I feel terrible having to say no all the time. We will rejoin in Oct next year. It has been a wonderful experience and we have made some lifelong friends. Keep up the good work. Janet and Alan
We will certainly be renewing our membership. We would highly recommend your site for friendlyness and effecient service. It has a very homely feel to it and we have always had great sits of our choosing and have been contacted by home owners too. Your site has given us the opportunity to meet wonderful people and explore some great areas around Oz. Keep up the good work. cheers, Jenny & Maurice
Sorry it has taken us so long to respond but we have just returned home from our 2nd housesit which was in Adelaide for six weeks. Our very 1st sit with Aussie House Sitters was in May/June this year in Queensland for almost four weeks. We've had a ball thanks to a fantastic organisation with an easy to follow website AND with very affordable registeration fees. We have no hesitation in renewing our membership again. My husband and I have met some lovely people with whom we've made new friends and intend to keep in touch with. Looking after their pets has been a joy and great company. We miss them so much when we leave that we take a photo of the pets to look at anytime we feel sad and are missing the dogs, the cat and even two chooks who supplied us with an egg each every day. Housesitting is a great way to explore different areas and States. We have met so many people who have wanted to know how we go about housesitting so we've passed on your website address. You had better be prepared for an influx of new memberships and people looking for sitters! Sandra and Peter
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your web site. I have had many house sitting 'jobs' giving me the chance to meet other people and see different places. Regards, John
From October 2008 to April 2009 we traveled from Perth to Brisbane doing housesitting in 4 different states. It was a wonderful experience to get closer to the local living and the wonderful people of Australia. Perth, Adelaide - even a farm in the Upper Corryong, VIC, a house at the Gold Coast and one north of Brisbane. We had the most amazing time meeting great families and couples. We where always warmest welcome, most of the time with a BBQ, and after the welcoming back of the houseowners, we already felt as a family member, also because their cats where still running around and the farm didn't burn down in the meantime ;-). Well, we will and would do it again - as we really are in great memories and are missing the beautiful country and open minded people we met. Thanks to your website, as this platform is a connection to the local living. Lot's of greetings, Sandra & Luciano (from Switzerland)
Just a short note to say thanks for a great housesitters dream I have done 17 house sits all up and I only joined this year...been a blast. Ive been everywhere from Canberra to peakhurst and mortdale, speers point. I even had to cancel 9 yesterday....why....didnt give me a enough time to go to mckay and all. Well, have a good Xmas and lets hope I do more sits next year. All the best Rebecca
Even though I am presently sitting for an 18 month sit till next Sept we have just been asked through your site to do a sit next xmas in Adelaide, it suits us just fine as we will be heading back to Tassy. Thanks to your great site an owner saw our profile and contacted us. Its always much nicer to do a sit by being asked instead of just about selling your soul for some...ha ha We couldnt travel to the West to see our families without the help of your site, it gets us round and about.... thanks so much. kind regards Jenny
We accepted four house sittings this year and loved every minute, staying in some lovely and interesting homes. Carol & Brian
I have been on the site for a couple of years. I regularly housesit for a few people. It provides me with time away in different parts of Brisbane. For example, I recently house sat in the Samford Valley area over Christmas. My adult children from Melbourne came and stayed. It was a holiday time for me and lovely to do that on acreage, with a pool. The owners have three horses and two dogs as well as a bird and four chooks. I find the time away enhances my relationship. I would like the opportunity to save over a couple of years to buy a property. House-sitting has enabled me to determine where I would most prefer to buy and how I want to live when I do buy. And I think I have made some good friends along the way both two and four-legged ones. Cheers Anne
Just want to say that we are impressed with the housesitting site. My husband and I joined in Sept and have had some good offers to housesit. We have done one in NQ and another next month for two months near Mackay. Very happy to date with the type of people we are 'working' for, so thank you. Regards, Carolyn
I am really delighted with Ausie House Sitters! I only joined a week ago having decided to go out on a limb and sell my possessions. My aim is to travel around Australia starting in coastal South-East Queensland. I already have two lovely 'sits' booked. The second one is for 10 weeks and I offered to drive up and meet the houseowners and their pet first. (It was only an hour away.)This was very reassuring for them as it is a long time to leave their much loved elderly puss. The site has a lovely feel to it and it's fun checking all the homeowners' ads. The joining fee is very reasonable. Thank you so much for being a part of my new life! Claire
Hello, first I must say how happy David & I have been with Aussie House Sitters. We've been members for some time and have been inandated with request to house sit and in no time have a full house sitting calander for the year. We have enjoyed many hoilday's from the Hunter Valley to the Blue Mountains to Tasmania and Victoria, and now off to Hindmarsh Island. We care for many pets, big & small and just spoil them all a little. Judith & David
Have already been fully booked except for a few weeks and I will take a holiday with friends during that time. Can't thank you enough for this great web site of yours. I was really worried about where I would live after the house sale. Now I am completely organised and has all slotted in beautifully. Carol
I have had much success on your site and am saving a good sized deposit to purchase my own home next year. I have made some good friends, looked after delightful pets which I usually become attached to, and stayed in some beautiful homes. Lianne
I have found the Aussie House Sitters service very effective and once registered I found a position that suited me very quickly. Best Wishes, Kim
We regret that we won't be renewing our membership with Aussie House Sitters. We have been VERY fortunate to have found a house sitting position that has lasted more than 18 months and looks like lasting much longer. We have our own cottage on a property and have been told we can stay on even after our owners return. Should we decide to move on we'll certainly join up again as we've made new friends through our housesitting commitments. Good luck for the future. Regards Denise and John
George was horrified when I suggested we try House-Sitting. He said "what if we get one that is dirty"? Believe me we have never been disappointed. We have made some lovely new friends and cared for some delightful pets, all over Australia. Once they discover we have built,owned and operated Hotels/Motels for 31 years and know how to care for their beautiful homes/Pets, they head off overseas with not a care in the World. Our own home is like Fort Knox and we are very aware of security. All the Queensland house-sits give us the use of their car, which is fantastic, as we now like to fly these days. The only drawback we have found, is, when people we have already sat for, need us again, and we sometimes have to decline, which is sad for both parties.!! House-Sitters have given us a new lease on life. The only question George needs answered is, " how far away is the Golf Course"? He now tells all our friends to try House-Sitting. Kindest Regards, George and Lorraine, Victoria.
My experience with Aussie House Sitters has been great. The very first time I applied in November of 2008, I was accepted to a house where the owners have been constantly living in China and only come home for a couple of weeks at a time when on leave. I can stay with them when they are home if I wish but I usually choose to stay with a friend for those weeks. I am still in the same place after nearly two years and have been very happy there. I love looking after their house and the two dogs and the galah! At this point I believe I will continue in the same house sit until late 2011 when I will once again search for a new house sit through Aussie House Sitters. Regards, Lynn
We have just completed our first year as sitters with Aussie House Sitters. Within a day of registering last year we had a call and a house sit. Since then we have had two other contacts, and 2 of the three are now repeating. So we are very happy with the service. Ken & Lorraine
I have been very pleased as a Aussie House Sitters house sitter. Since joining last year in September I have had many wonderful house sits in various parts of Australia and met some fantastic people as well as made lasting friendships. I would like to thank you and your staff for providing such a user friendly system and for supporting us throughout the year. As long as we continue travelling around Australia we will be registered with Aussie House Sitters cause we have had fun experiences we would never have had if we weren't House Sitting. I have recommended your site to many people we meet interested in becoming House Sitters because of the success we have had. Kind regards, K P
Hello Aussie House Sitters Admin - Sorry to say, but we are now settled on the Gold Coast for a year. We really really enjoyed the experience of house sitting with you and we were booked out from the day we signed up! I have not updated my details and still receive calls and have had two couples already call up asking if we can sit again, that is all within 8 months of our travels! Thank you for the experience and we have told many people, friends and family about your website and forwarded your link to them. From around Australia, to South Africa, USA and UK. We will join again at some stage, we are very interested to travel for a longer period down the track so hopefully we will be as lucky again with housesitting. Kind regards, Antony & Sharon
Just wish to advise that as we have a very long term housesit job so we will not need to renew our memebership at this time. We will renew the situation in another 12 months. Thankyou! Kathy & Alex
Dear sir/madam. I would like to thank you for the opportunities you have given me to meet new and interesting people and to see places that I have never seen and it would have been very unlikely for me to have seen them. If in the future I decide to house sit again I will not hesitate to contact you. I will also continue to recommend your website to whoever will listen to me. Thankyou,,, John
We have just renewed with Aussie House Sitters for the next 12 months. Thanks for the site. We've had plenty of house sits now as a result of it and are really enjoying house sitting. With regards Erica
Thank you for this house sitting assignment which allowed me to be in Perth for several weeks when my daughter was having her second baby - a beautiful little girl. I live in South Australia, and really wanted to be around so I could be of some help with her very active toddler, both before and after the baby arrived. I wanted to be near, but not actually living with them, but couldn't afford to pay for accommodation. Obviously a house-sit was the answer, but I'd never done it before. Then I found this site, and I'm so glad I did! I had been thinking of perhaps two weeks either side of the ETA of the baby - end of August, beginning of September. Scrolling through the Homeowners Register I found a couple who wanted someone from the first of August to the end of September - even better. I emailed late one night, and had an answer early next morning! The rest, as they say, is history. Additionally they're happy to have me back when they go away again next year, so I'll be able to visit and see how much my grand-children have grown! Many thanks, Beryl
We've done over 13 house sits with 90% coming from your website. We love looking up the new jobs every day. It is very easy to use and has enabled us to have a lovely life style house sitting around Australia. We have mostly booked out next year. Many thanks Gerry & Trish
We joined Aussie House Sitters one year ago and would recommend this service to both housesitters and homeowners looking for sitters. We have completed a number of assignments and have been asked by several owners to come back. We are now booked up until later next year. I have found that owners appreciate quick replies and meeting us if at all possible as with most situations communication is very important. The website is very easy to use and update. A lot of owners seem to prefer contacting listed sitters rather than advertising themselves so it pays to keep your listing current and refreshed. Sue & Lloyd
Thank you for the reminder that my annual payment in due. I am more than happy to pay for such a fabulous service. We have met so many lovely people because of the house-sitting opportunities, and stayed at some lovely homes and interesting places. And we are already booked up until October 14 next year. So you can see, we are keeping ourselves very busy. We are housesitting now in Canberra. Thank you, and I wish you and your staff a very Merry Christmas, and a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Barbara J.
We have re joined Aussie House Sitters for another year as the service is a great avenue for both home owners and house sitters. As house sitters, we have cared for 7 different properties in 4 states since January this year. The opportunity to live and immerse ourselves in the local communities in both cities, towns and rural areas has been a wonderful experience. The website provides a wealth of options for house sitters giving the choice to look after houses with or without animals and arrange short or long stays across the whole country. We have found owners prefer to meet with potential house sitters. As this is not always possible, we have sent owners videos and CD's with photographs of us and some of the tasks we have undertaken at each house sit. We are happy to do small jobs including cleaning old bricks, gutters, establishing vegetable gardens, repotting plants, weeding paddocks, repairing household items and washing cars etc. It is important to keep our profile up to date in relation to dates, duration, preferred places and contact details. This is very easy on the Aussie House Sitters website. A great service which we highly recommend . Rae and Frank
Merry Christmas Nick, keep up the great work, we have had a terrific time housesitting this year. We just started a fabulous sit this week at Bywong nr Bungendore (nr Canberra) on 75 magnificent acres....then we are off to Nelson Bay for 10 been amazing, thanks to 'Aussie sitters', thanks for the experience cheers Jenny C
Hi Aussiehousesitters. Thanks for your great service. I have enjoyed 2 wonderful housesits in Tasmania thanks to you which gave me a chance to experience what life down there is like - I have now purchased a home down there myself and plan to use your service when I go away. Thanks for your help. Mary
Good afternoon. I registered with you in September, 2010 and have just returned from spending 2months in Australia, where we are happy to report had two very lovely housesits. We are over the moon to have found Aussie House Sitters and have done nothing but rave about the whole experience. Not only did it enable us to stay in wonderful properties, we made great friends with both the pets and owners. Sheree
My name is Rob Gordon and I've house sitting with your site since August. Almost immediately after signing up we got our first hit in a beautiful home over looking the water in a fantastic neighborhood in Sydney ... And it's only gotten better from there, In fact we've been booked solid all the way through until mid-July and we now have to start turning down house sits. House Sitting has been a great experience, if you want to travel cheap or just stop paying rent all together, you need to start house sitting ... Today If you have any doubts about House Sitting, trust me it's awesome and Aussie House Sitters is the best. Rob
Hi there Aussie Housesitters. We are house sitters and find your site amazing!!! Really works! One is never too sure about these things these days. But your site is definitely alive & well. Congratulations on the continuing effort you are obviously making to ensure your site works and is user friendly. Sincere kind regards ... and thanks!! Robbi & Andrew
We are currently in perth, doing our 3rd house sit. previous house sits were in melbourne and victor harbar SA, all of them coming about thru your website. we have also tried other house sitter websites but this one is the best, with up-to-date entries and a website that actually comes up with the information you searched for (e.g. searching for WA, it actually gives you only WA-ads and not from all over australia) and not stuff that you have to sift thru yourself we have had great responses to our profile - maybe because we are not 20 anymore and have a couple of kids?! - with people asking us to double back so we can do their house sit. awesome site, thank you!! Muna
Thanks Nick, For your website... I signed up to your website and received an offer within two minutes! I was still fidding about with my profile details when the message came through. It was just the confirmation I needed to move to Australia and within a week of the first house sit ending I received another wonderful offer that saw me through the worst of the winter. I continue to be amazed and so very grateful at this house sitting community which enables my work in Ethiopia to continue to be possible! I've met such lovely people through it! Warmest wishes, Amanda
Hi Nick. We are happy to renew our memebership with Aussie House Sitters as we have had an enormous response in the last 3 odd years we have been members. We have had some good 'Sits' and met some terrific people. We couldn't count the number of people we have had to refuse, mainly through other committments clashing. Have spread the word and many people looking for sitters were going to contact you people. Keep up the good work. Regards, Jan and Don
We have been so lucky with our housesits, and would like to thank the owners who have put their trust in us to care for their precious belongings, alive or just loved! The Aussie House Sitters site has been so easy to use, and another Thank You for keeping the annual fee so affordable - we recommend you whereever we are in our travels, and find that it promotes huge interest! Both for home owners, and people like us who have taken 'time out' to travel and discover this fabulous country of ours. People are so friendly, and accommodating and by the time we have found a new place to settle, we shall have made so many friends! We cannot speak highly enough of this service, and those who use it! RicknPip
I learnt how to use a computer 4 years ago last April, where we began our first Farmsit. We fell into it simply by replying to an advert in a bi-monthly magazine. Kangaroo Island 2007. What fun we had. I found this web site through a very helpfull computer agency owner at Kingscote. Who so patiently taught me enough to answer an add plus check the website.. Aussie House Sitters has allowed Des my husband 75, myself 60, full time farm ; house; rental; along with a motel and station sit's. It would take pages to relate the fun , adventure, skills, many much loved pets, we have had & looked after. Of course the owner's have always been so helpful, lovely people as well.Not once have we felt,uncomfortable or in any way not treated each sit as our own home. We have always felt totally happy; secure with each sit being a totally different experience. We have found by keeping in regular touch with future sits very helpful to us along with reassuring the owners we will not let them down. We have returned to a number of "sits" a few times, at present, we are at Beverly W.A. If anyone is so inclined to just "have a go" at something different to the "norm" this is an incredible way to have a long extended "life experience" limited only to your "have a go mate" attitude. After looking after an Alphca stud a few years ago, I asked if the herd was valuable. The owner replied " you could say that $1,000,000 ; as I had just asked for a reference, he asked if I would like "gullable" on the reference as well. Your website has been recommended to a lot of people we have met along the way. The new method of applying is great as well. I felt a little' hesitant ' until I heard from my first homeowner. Still a little wobbly on "my computer legs'. OK. everyone, no need to sit at home "wishing & a hoping"; there is a whole new world out there, not everyone's cup of tea.Just as well' or we would not have had 4 of the best years in our 41 years of married life. Many thanks to you & your staff. Des & Marj
Firstly thank you for your wonderful website. We became members on June 7 2011. By June 13 we had our first house sit in Adelaide, which we have just completed. So many people have contacted us from your site that we are now booked through until December of this year. Thank you - it has opened up a whole new world for us, one that we are very much enjoying. John & Sue
My husband and I joined Aussie House Sitters in 2010 as we were retired and were looking to live in the sunshine. We have a home in New Zealand where we spend the summer but then have to leave for 6months of year. Instead of returning to the UK we have been house sitting around Queensland It has been a truly wonderful experience. We have met and made friends with some lovely people stayed in some very nice homes and looked after a variety of really lovely pets. Our family and friends back in the UK just cant believe our wonderful experiences they have even said I should write a book about it. We are house sitting at the moment and have just been invited back to a house sit we did last year. Thanks Aussie House Sitters for opening a whole new world for us. Ray and Diane
Hi Aussie housesitters. I have received a lot of requests without having to look at the homeowner ads. I'm in great demand, I even have the next 3 sits without meeting the people. It's all working for me, Regards Marilyn
I'd like to give a testimonial from a house sitter. I have met the most amazing animals and people by being a house sitter. Aussie House Sitters has been my predominant source of leads, so much so that my partner and I are about to complete 12 months of housesitting and nearly have enough money for a house and kitten of our own. An awesome 'pay it forward' service :-) Karen
I am very happy with your website, I have had a number of house sits since I joined earlier this year, and have stayed in some lovely places, the house owners have all been lovely people, and have also enjoyed 2 farm sits looking after a variety of animals - that was great. Regards, Gwen
As a sitter I'm really enjoying using your website. We have had an amazing time for the last 9 months and are looking forward to more experiences along the way. Jenny J.
Thanks to your website we are now fully booked through until January, 2013 when we will have to make a decision as to whether on not we want to continue this interesting lifestyle or to finally settle down!!! Yours faithfully Denise and Graeme
Greetings to the wonderful team at Aussie House Sitters. Since joining Aussie Housesitters in March 2011, my life has been completely transformed. With the exception of a few scattered weeks, I have been fully booked and rebooked from early June 2011 until the end of October 2012. Whilst house sitting has provided me with the wonderful company of pets (mainly dogs), I have also had the benefits of making new friends and visiting some very peaceful and delightful locations. Thanks to your site, I have made many homeowners comfortable, secure and relaxed; as well as re-energizing my own life. Well done Aussie Housesitters, Laurie
Thank you so much for you website - we've had some wonderful housesits, met some lovely people and lovely pets as well. It's been great. When we are ready to be off again, we'll be in touch. Kindest regards Brenda & Peter
I just wanted to write to you and Aussie House Sitters to say thank you for all the help you have given me and my little family over the past year. We moved to Australia as a threesome - my husband, son and I, and decided to give house-sitting a try. Not knowing which area we wanted to settle in, the house-sitting was a really fantastic way of trying out different areas, and see where we liked, and how we felt there. It was also a great way of meeting locals and finding local schools etc. Coming from a different country, without a huge budget, meant we faced even more challenges in re-location and settling in. However, Aussie House Sitters provided a great way to meet new people, and all our house sitting families were very kind and gracious to us, and we keep in touch with many of them. One of them has even offered us a bed for our new house. So we feel very blessed to have had you in our lives for the past year. At times, it was a life saver, at others, an adventure, but always, it gave us a sense of living a real life, in a home, and of course, the benefit of the company of some furry beings, while our own much-missed pets remained with family back home. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You. All the very best. Keep up the fantastic work. We have recommended you highly to everyone we meet. Anne Marie, John and Sean (Ireland)
I utilised the site to find 2 houses to live in whilst my furniture was in storage. It was very important to the owners that the small dogs who we shared the homes with were well cared for and loved. We had no problem doing this as it was a small price to pay for all the facilities available to us in each home. In both cases we were surrounded by beautiful views - one in the Blue Mountains! I have no hesitation in recommending the use of this amazing site. Thank you for the facility. Priscilla
Our thanks for your assistance we got our first house sitting booking the next day so system definitely works. Many thanks Joy
Hi there, Just want to let people know how happy we are with Aussiehousesitters Website. We bought our new Home, a Winnebago and started travelling with our cherished companion, Chad (Cocker Spaniel) we went to Tassie for 8 weeks, ended up over there for 10 months, just love the place. Whilst there travelling got talking to fellow travellers who recommended Aussiehousesitters as a convenient way of camping in winter. Well after registering we found a wonderful property on Bruny Island to camp for 6 weeks, from there in we have had literally dozens of enquiries to house (pet) sit, it is a wonderful experience to help someone out, and make lifelong friends, it suits everyone all round, love it love it. A wonderful mix of travelling and meeting people. Just re-registered and looking forward to another year on the road. Marg, Leon & Chad
Your house sitters website most defiantly works. We registered as sitters just over a week ago and we got 4 enquiries in one day (yesterday) not sure if that is a record! I guess you would never know! Thanks.. Joy & Merv
Your site has been very helpful for us, and we'll certainly join it when we want to house sit again. Your site is very user friendly. It was helpful to be able to look at the available house sits before we joined Aussie House Sitters. We had some lovely house sits over the last year. Keep up the wonderful service, Janine
Thanks for your reminder, for renewal of our registration to AHS's, but at this stage we will have to let our membership lapse, as we have taken a long term 'sit'. We would like to thank you and your team for the assistance you have given us and we have had many 'sits' and have had to refuse many more. eg. We had a 5 month stay on a farm, at Hamilton, in Vic and had to refuse some 16 wanting us! The service you have provided has been excellent and we have passed your name on to many. One of the main reason's for our house and farm sitting has been that money we invested for a house, when we retired, has been, and still is, frozen. The house sitting has enabled us to live a reasonable life, save some money, help others and to see more of the country. We couldn't have done all this without your help. You run a great business and if we ever have to go back on the 'road' we wouldn't hesitate to contact you people. Kind regards, Jan and Don
We commenced Housesitting in Sydney 18 months ago to tide us over when in between accommodation and not sure whether to remain in or move out of Sydney. We had heard Housesitting was a good option and so decided to give it a go. Within a few weeks of registering on Aussie Housesitters we were contacted by a few Homeowners and eventually chose a 'sit' that fitted perfectly with us vacating our property and which was in an area close to our familiar surroundings. Very reluctantly I stored my precious belongings, packed a few bags and so we headed off into the unknown. As the months have slipped by and we've continued to get great 'sits' in our preferred areas, we have continued with it; getting better organised with every move...! It has proven a wonderful way to move into semi-retirement, as by housesitting we are able to do work of our choosing and take time with the daunting decision on our final destination. Whilst initially a reluctant 'sitter' I have found that, with every housesit I have relaxed into it more. We consider it an honour to be 'selected' by Homeowners to live in their home and care for their beloved pets. We enjoy getting to make new friends, both furry and human, and while some pets can be challenging, to know them is to love them! The best thing about Housesitting is that it truly is a WIN-WIN situation. Homeowners can go on their holiday knowing people they trust are living in their home & keeping it secure whilst providing the same routine and TLC their pets are accustomed to. And Housesitters get free accommodation and the opportunity to get to know different breeds of animals in exchange for providing the services expected by their Homeowner. Have a good day! Robie and Andrew
Less than a week since I registered on here as a housesitter and already have received 3 contacts from home owners directly - with one house sit for 2 periods shortly, a 6 week stint in far north Queensland, another house sit for 3 months early 2013. Thanks heaps. I’m hopping round like a teenager with an overload of raspberry cordial right now :) Lorraine
Hello, I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding our registration with you earlier in the year. We've been able to secure two house sits back to back for a total of 10 weeks accommodation for when we first arrive in Adelaide and we are so chuffed that I just had to pass on our hugest thanks for your service! It's going to take a huge amount of pressure off our initial arrival and we are sure we can secure a long term rental during this period and hopefully some work. Once again, many, many thanks - I will recommend you at every opportunity! Dave
Our first house sit after joining your site was for 12 months & recontracted for a further 12 months with the likelihood of up to 5 yrs for Expat. Owners only home about 6 weeks per year. Thank you for all your help. We have also advised many people to join your well serviced organisation whilst we have been members. Sincerely, James & Di
A major aspect of being a member of Aussie House Sitters (AHS) is TRUST. This is my second year as a house sitter and I have had many contacts from home owners who are open and friendly. I have really enjoyed the lovely dogs, cats, budgies, and fish belonging to the admirable people who trusted me to care for their homes and their pets. I can't speak highly enough of the initial assistance I received from Nick at AHS. The whole idea was new to me and the openness and inviting set-up enabled me to trust that it would be a good idea. And it has been. I meet great owners - sadly have had to refuse a number because of generally being constantly booked. I have been trusted to care for specific animals who are most definitely the 'babies' their owners feel are so very dear to them. I am no Dr Doolittle but I can tell when an animal trusts a person or not, and so far I have only encountered trusting animals. AHS is simply professionally well organised in addition to not costing a fortune for house sitting members to join. That's also rather unusual in today's market arena but very helpful to retirees like me. To be able to also say it is an organisation based on trust and that shows, is really impressive. Well done folks. Phyll W
Your service is superb. I am now booked for 7 months in 2013 - this is an incredible lifechange. As well as housesitting for homeowners, several friendships have been formed. Thanks for a great service. Best wishes, Laurie
What a great way to meet and connect with people who help revive those good human qualities of trust, responsibility and friendship. It's got the added bonus of making new lifelong friends of both the human and animal kind. The experience of housesitting has given me a chance to see the views from the other side of the hill as well as sharing in some comforting and therapeutic quality time being a holiday away from home. So thanks very much for making this possible for me. sincerely Nicole (housesitter since Nov.2011)
I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback about your site. I have found it very easy to use and most importantly gained 2 house sitting jobs since joining in July. Your site is competitively priced versus competitors and I have managed to have success with your site paying less than to competitors (where I have received limited success). I have since told lots of other homeowners and potential house sitters about your site. Thanks James
Dear Friends, thanks for the reminder. However, I'll not be renewing immediately because being on your site has been so successful I've been sitting continuously since last March; and am now seemlessly booked until the middle of October 2013. Outstanding. Of course if things change I'll renew my subscription. Thanks again. Best regards.... Robin
Hi there, I just wanted to say I'm really enjoying being a sitter on your site, and have so far been booked almost back to back for almost four months around Melbourne. It's been good fun (if a litle weird sometimes) being a 'gypsy' and looking after a bunch of cute animals - and great for saving. So thanks very much, Larissa
Hi Ausie house sitters. Shaneen and I will not be using Aussie house sitters this season. We will resume in about 18 months. We have enjoyed your services immensely. We have tried other sites and they do not compere at all (not even close). We have not only had some fantastic sits but made some lifelong friends as well. Yours, Eric & Shaneen
Thanks to your service I have been able to showcase my profile as a housesitter. I have been a housesitter now for more than 7 years and this has been a terrific experience! I have met beautiful people all over the country (Australia) and lived in the most beautiful places. Yes, housesitting is a (fun) job and it sure does take time and energy to take good care of other people's valued possessions. But this job is also very rewarding in many more ways than one. Thank you Nick for offering the opportunity! Jose
I have now been with this website since 2010 and have always had a great experience.. I have travelled all over Australia and would like to say a big thank you to this website for making it happen and to all the people i have House/Pet Sat for a big thank you for your amazing trust and now friendships.. Thank you Colleen