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The importance of leaving your house sitter a review

Feature photo: The importance of leaving your house sitter a review

For many of us, welcoming a stranger into our home can be more than a little out of our comfort zone. Our homes are our haven and our pets our best mates so you really need to feel comfortable you have the right person to take care of them for you. 

With the help of reviews left by other home owners, you can embark on your trip with the peace of mind knowing that you’ve connected with your perfect sitter for you. 

So, why are reviews so important?

Reviews build trust within the house sitting community

House sitting is a platform built on trust. As a homeowner, your review offers valuable guidance for other owners making it easier for them to navigate their way through the list of sitters on the site. Plus, you’re helping facilitate even better connections within our house sitting community. 

For many owners, reviews are also a chance to contribute to a good cause and to feel like they belong to a community of like-minded people. Essentially, homeowners read reviews because they trust the advice of fellow members and believe that reviews can help them make the right choice when it comes to deciding on a sitter.

It will help fellow homeowners just like you

Reviews are one of the most important ways you can help other owners decide if they want to use a particular house sitter before they even speak to them.

Reviews attest to a sitter’s reliability, give insight into their competence and personality, and help promote a sense of assurance in the owner’s decision making process.

As well as showing appreciation to your sitter for a job well done, by writing them a review you’ll be helping owners like yourself to determine if a sitter is right for them and their particular needs. 

Brown and white dog leaning its nose against a book on the lap of a house sitter who is reading with a cup of tea and lemon next to them

You can receive a review in return from your sitter

Sitters aren’t the only members who can receive a review. Once you’ve left your sitter a review, they can also leave a review for you in return. 

Reviews from previous house sitters add a lot of credibility to your homeowner ad and reward and promote positive experiences.

Reviews on a homeowner’s profile also help future sitters know what to expect when they are considering a house sit with you. Your review will display on any of your future homeowner ads for other members to see and is a great way to let future sitters know a bit more about your home and pets. And as an added bonus, it’ll also help increase your chances of receiving more great applications in the future. 

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Thank you! Wayne and I have been sitting for 2 years straight and we love it! It started as a way to save money for our wedding, and to provide a place to be while we set up a little airbnb. The air bnb has flourished and to top it off we were married in February 2020 in a small but very beautiful ceremony overseas with out nearest and dearest. Without house sitting we wouldn't have been able to reach our personal or financial goals - so we have a lot to be thankful for. Another positive is that sitting is a lifestyle that we love. It is so much fun meeting new people and so many gorgeous pets - we get to spend time experiencing how other people live, and where they live and of course become attached to so many of our new furry friends. I know you shouldn't have favourites - but you just can't help it! We have made friendships with many of our repeat sits and look forward to popping round to say hi again. We feel as important to them as they do to us. It truly is a beautiful relationship. Our next goal is to save for a home deposit. Thank you to you and your entire team at Aussie House Sitters, and to the entire network that you have built and let us be a part of. Pet sitting has been the time of our lives, and created moments we will never forget. Chloe and Wayne

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