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How to get 5 star house sitting reviews

Feature photo: How to get 5 star house sitting reviews

Imagine the peace of mind it brings a homeowner when they read a positive review you received from a previous house sitting job. Having 5 star reviews for house and pet sitting is integral to your ongoing success as a house sitter.

Great reviews open doors to so many more opportunities, and the more positive reviews you have, the better you look to homeowners. So, whether you want to house sit just the once or do it long term, it’s important to go into any house sit with the aim to get a great review at the end of it.

Choose the right house sit for you. 

Ensure you have the best chance of a receiving a great review by matching with the right kind of house sit and homeowner. There will be homeowners you ‘click with’ and those you don’t. Ask plenty of questions and read their house sitting job ad details carefully to make sure you are comfortable and confident taking on the job. Be upfront and honest about your house sitting skills and experience as well as your personal likes and dislikes. Meet face-to-face or via video call to get the best idea of whether their house sit will match your style and preferences.

Do the best you can. 

Always do the best house sitting job you can. Aim for leaving the house and garden in the same condition (or better) than how it was when you arrived. Even if the homeowner hasn’t asked you to, consider sending them a text or email a day or so after arriving, just to let them know everything is going well. You might like to add a photo of you with their pets to show they are happy and content. At the end of the sit, you may consider going that extra mile to make the homeowner feel special by leaving a bunch of flowers, a bottle of wine or some chocolates with a nice thank you note. These gestures can help leave a lasting impression and encourage homeowners to provide a glowing review.

smiling house sitter wearing sunglasses and a cap sits next to a dog who has their mouth open and tongue out

Confirm any expectations multiple times with the homeowner. 

Make sure you’ve discussed all aspects of the house sit with the owner before you start the job, so you know their expectations and they know yours. Every homeowner is different, so you need to negotiate the parameters of each individual sit. Just because you could help yourself to the tomato sauce or frozen food during your last sit, doesn’t mean it will be the same with your next.

The key to a great review is to ensure that both your and the homeowner’s expectations are in sync.

Take time to nut these out by asking specific questions, and make sure to get responses in writing within your conversation message thread or via written notes from the homeowner so you can both refer to this if needed.

Send a post-sit follow up message. 

Consider sending the owner a thank you message after the sit and letting them know how much you appreciated the opportunity to care for their home and pets. In the same message, you can say you’d love a review for your profile if they were happy with your services. You may like to encourage them by mentioning that good reviews help you get sits in future and give other homeowners an insight into your house sitting experience and care.

Post a review for the homeowners to ‘request’ one in return. 

If the sit has finished and you haven’t received a review from the homeowner, you can post a review for them, and your account will automatically send them a ‘review request’. This saves you having to ask them for one directly. If you write them a review, it may encourage them to write you one in return. Even though receiving reviews tend to be most useful for house sitters, providing the homeowner with a review can benefit them and the house sitting community as well. Reviews on a homeowner’s profile help future sitters know what to expect when they are considering a house sit with that homeowner.

a thank you note from a house sitter on a wooden table alongside some red covered chocolates and a pink rose

Consider taking on a shorter or less desirable house sit to build up reviews. 

We’ve heard from a few house sitters who decided to take on some shorter or less desirable house sits with the aim of building up their positive reviews. Applying for sits of only a few nights or in less popular areas can also mean less competition from other house sitters, so a higher chance of being accepted. These can be a good way to get a few reviews onto your profile quickly, especially for house sitters just starting out or those wanting to boost their number of reviews. 

Lastly, and potentially most important of all – enjoy yourself! Take advantage of the opportunity to walk the dog locally, explore the nearby attractions and enjoy living like a local.

A happy house sitter will always do a good job and grateful homeowners will be glad to reward your efforts with a wonderful 5 star review.

I thank you for your service and the years of enjoyment I have had from all the owners I have housesat for. It is a great site and I compliment you on the way it is run. Thank you once again. Shirley C

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