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Testimonials: 249
Hello, we have found your site to be excellent in regards to finding farm sits in W.A. We have both been so happy with our new way of life, we would recommend it to anyone, wanting a complete change to their lives. We have been in the West for 6 months - we have untill the middle of July booked up. Des & Marj
We are currently in Rockhampton Queensland on our second sit arranged through the site. Kind regards, John
Thank you we were contacted after only 48 hours after registering with you. WE live in Cairns and are now taking on a sitting job in Albany (WA). This will be a great experience (we hope) as we will be riding our motobikes over to WA. We couldn't be happier. I was quite amazed how quickly we had responses. We actually thought we would have to do the chasing. Thank you again. Peter & Dolores
As an Aussie living in the U.K. with an English wife, we have just completed our first experience of house-sitting in Australia. Six weeks on the NSW Central Coast turned out to be a dream holiday and we felt privileged to be trusted by strangers to care for their home and cat etc. Aussie Housesitters could not have been more helpful right from the beginning and their fees are well below so many others. With such a good data base of addresses they provided a good choice in all areas. Living in a fairly small community we soon made friends with neighbours who showed exceptional kindness and warmth. We were encouraged to join in all sorts of organisations, including a Yoga class for seniors, bowls at the local church, the busy R.S.L. club and so on. Choosing not to rent a car we used a good local bus and train service for day trips and shopping. Some neighbours noticed this and insisted on taking us out sightseeing in their cars. Such kind people. It was a pleasure to look after the property as we would our own and we were able to keep in touch with the owners from time to time by e-mail. They were great to deal with right from the start and they even said we were doing them a favour. The pleasure was ours! Can't wait for another opportunity to leave the British winter and find another house-sit with Aussiehousesitters. John & Chris
I'm just writing to say thank you for your easy to navigate and cost effective website, and your prompt and helpful attention to my earlier techical difficulties. I have not house sat before, but have managed to secure a 6 week sit of a gorgeous house with equally gorgeous pets within a week of signing up! I thought my lack of experience would make it hard to get a place, but apparently not! I look forward to many more experiences as an Aussie house sitter after this one! Regards, Tabitha
Our experience to housesit an australian house with dog, 20 chicken, cat and colourful birds was just so good. Our little girls (3 and 1 year old) enjoyed it also very much. The beach, the wildlife and travelling afterwards. The 3 year old started to speak english and the other one learned to walk in australia. We had such a wonderful time. Without Aussie House Sitters we couldn't have done this ever. Ulli and Wolfgang (from Austria)
Since we joined last year (2007) we have been flat out and have offers of bookings through to Jan 2010. Neil
We are almost ready to unpack our bags and boxes having house sat for the last few years. House sitting has enabled us to travel wherever we want. We have met some interesting people and made a few friends along the way. Starting in Tasmania we were on a 6 week holiday and wanted to see more ....... Logged on the Aussie House Sitters site, completed the information request - paid the registration fee - 36 hour later I confirmed my first house sit! We enjoyed three house sits in Tasmania over a period of 5 months. Our duties ranged from feeding thorough bred horses, chickens, walking dogs watering gardens and taking bookings for a B&B, all of which gives you freedom to enjoy the location and get to know the locals. On our return to NSW we had two prospective house sits both successfully completed. We then spent Christmas in the UK returning with two more prospective house sits ........... House sitting is a fantastic experience, it gives you the freedom to travel every where your heart desires and your feet can carry you. Thank you to Aussie House Sitters for the opportunity and this great experience! Lynda
Thanks for your assistance - it is much appreciated. I love your site and the personal feel it gives out. I have enjoyed sits and sitters through it. Keep up the great work and thanks for the prompt feedback - cheers!! Jenny
We received our first sit on the Centrel Coast within two hours of joining! We are so pleased and it has opened up a new world for us both. Thank you for all your help. Garry & Linda
We are currently sitting at Banora Point for the winter, this is our second time for these folks, they are spending the summer in the UK, from whence they came to AUS back in the 1960s. We are still getting plenty of calls , averages around 3-4 each week. Regards as always. Audrey & Peter
You wouldn't read about it but immediately after receiving your last email we got and accepted an offer from Tasmania. Cheers! Karl
Hi there, I have just paid for another years membership and very happy with all the enquiries we have had. You offer a great service and I thank you. We are house sitting for 9 months, again thanks. Pam
We have been house-sitting for 5 years now and even though we have only been with Aussie House Sitters for 12 months we do have to say it is the friendliest and easy of sites to access that there is. You seem to only advertise the nicest of sits with the friendliest of people. Having been house sitters and also have had sitters of our own we know how scary it can be for the home owner to put their lives, homes and trust in strangers. As sitters it is always our job to put the home owners at ease and treat their homes as we would like ours to be treated, with the utmost of care and respect. We highly recommend Aussie House Sitters to both sitters and home owners, kind regards, Jenny & Maurice
This is a our second house sit and we have been overwhelmed by the amount of offers we are receiving. Our first house sit was a wonderful experience at a remote location and we have become good friends with the home owners. We have been invited back to their property and have invited them to ours. I am very impressed with your prompt reply. Many of our friends have asked us to forward your Web Site details on to them. Keep up the good work Phil
In January, 2008, I spent a blissful week, sitting a Sydney beaches house, with my daughter, and owners' dog. We had a ball of a week, with the owner being very happy with us, and us with them. Aussie House Sitters made communication very easy, and we both made a good 'match' through the website. We will definitely do this again!! Kerry
I have just renewed my membership for Aussie House Sitters. Last year was my first year and I had plenty of "jobs" and realy enjoyed going to new places and meeting new people. There are always plenty of people looking for house sitters on this web site which gives us plenty of choice. Keep up the good work! John
We have only been registered with you for a few weeks and have got our first booking already for 3 months. We have also had several people contact us from the database. Everyone is very pleasant and quick to respond to emails. Pamela and Gerry
We are currently enjoying a 4 month stint in Coffin Bay SA and loving it. Thanks! Kris
Dear Aussie House Sitters, We appreciated the really great service you guys supplied. We were able to house sit for a crucial 4 month period for which we were most thankful. Regards, George & Lynette
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Testimonials: 249