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Testimonials: 179
Finding a house sitter was very easy, we got lots of responses, from the silly to the serious, asked for contact phone numbers and took it from there. Met with people, where possible, which is useful final selection process. For us a big issue was would our cats get on with their new home minder.? Problem solved, when our very shy cat, afraid of all new visitors, walked up to our new housesitter and smooched her. Something was right about her, which we hadn't yet articulated, but the cat knew straight away. We sorted the rest of the details verbally and are very pleased with references, police checks and contract provided. We received many sitter responses, which gave us a good repertoire of people to choose from, enabling a sorting process to get the best fit for our and their circumstances. Really appreciate the service being free for homeowners, a marvelous system, thank you. Liked the site and service. When I didn't understand some detail,  I sent an emailed querie and within 20 minutes had a phone call explaining. I appreciated such an immediate and unexpected offer of help, as I'm not a technical hotshot.  Suzy
Our thanks to Aussie House Sitters. We were stuck for somebody to look after our house and animals at very short notice and thought we would give them a try. Within 24 hours we had applicants and interviewed them the next weekend. We have found somebody and now can go away on our holiday knowing our house will be looked after. Jon
Thanks for providing this great service. It has been invaluable in our successful search for a house sitter. We have just found two uni students who can stay for the 7 months. Reet
Have used this free service on three occasions all with success - Thank you Brian & Jill
I was so pleased with the response from your website, and found a housesitter within just a couple of days of being on your website, I will definitely advertise there another time, Many thanks... June
What a fantastic service not only is it free to advertise but the responses I have had have been awesome. Thank you Aussie Sitters I will be using you again. Shelley
Thankyou for providing us homeowners such a wonderful easy to use service.  Such comfort to know our pets are safe and cared for in their own environment and no huge kennel fees!  I found the responses quick and the sitters all very polite, willing and open in their communication. Will definately use the services again and have allready recommended to friends and family. Lisa
I was hesitant to use this service, thinking there would be no response.  However I was wrong.  I received one response within six hours of my ad appearing; and several within three days. Patricia
Dear Aussie House Sitters. We have used your services twice before, both times with great results. Our first house sitter 'Greg' has now sat for us probably 30-40 times! He is now a friend. Our second lead from house sitters "Kevin and Sandy' came to house and Cat sit for us for an initial period of four and a half months. Due to unforseen circumstances they had no place to go when their official house sit period ended so they stayed with us for a total of 13 months. We find the Aussie House Sitters web site clear and easy to use. It is intuitive for those of us who are not too computer literate. The responsibilities of both parties are clear and easy to follow. Finally your sample house sitting contract or agreement is excellent. All up your website has allowed us to do what we love to do and that is get out and see more of our great country. Thank you and well done Ralph
Thank you very much for website, we have had a wonderful response, we have a lovely lady to sit for us and will certainly be using the site again. Thanking you all! Anna
We used your services for the first time this year and we secured a couple of great people - Sue & Peter Hyde who came originally from New Zealand. We were unsure as to how things would go but we came back to a wonderfully tidy and clean house and a pair of very happy dogs. We do intend to use Aussie housesitters again in the future. We were very impressed as to how quickly we had a response to our email. Thank you once again. Kind regards Diane
This is the second time I have utilised Aussie House Sitters to find a sitter for our home and animals. Within half an hour of opening the Aussie House Sitters web page, I found a suitable candidate, phoned her and voila! had a sitter! How good was that! People are astounded that we would leave our pets and possessions in the hands of strangers, but after a few contacts by phone and email, and then a meeting at home, the "gut feeling" kicks in and you know all will be well. We highly recommend Aussie House Sitters database as a starting (and ending) point. Anne
We have used Aussie House Sitters a few times to find housesitters as we travel frequently to the USA for 6-8 weeks at a time to visit our son, daughter-in-law and 2 wonderful grandsons. We have always had great success with your website which is easy to use. We have had the same couple (who we found on your website) come a few times now, they are great, but when they can’t come we have been very happy with every other housesitter we have had. Thank you for your very user-friendly, professional website and service. Peter and Shay
Thankyou for the wonderful House sitters database. What a great service. I only recently heard about it when talking to a neighbour about getting someone to come and housesit while we went on our holidays, as taking our 2 dogs with us was no longer possible because of their ages. I got several replies to my housesitter wanted notice and have now found a sitter to come and stay while we are gone. It is a great relief to know such a service exists and best of all it is free to the houseowner. I will certainly use the site again in the future. Thankyou again Klara
We used the Aussie House sitters site originally for our upcoming trip to the UK/Europe. We found two great sitters so far and we are sure there are many more available to suit your needs. The ones we have used so far have been extremely reliable sitters who are GREAT with pets - we ought to know as we have a large number of dogs as we show them. You can always rely on them to keep your house and yard - and most importantly your pets - in a wonderful state. No extra work or worries to come home to after a short or long trip away. We can highly recommend this site in general and the sitters we have used to date in particular. We now know we can have the occasional short or long break from home and not be worried about our beloved dogs. Sharon & Wayne
Thanks Aussie House Sitters we really appreciate your free service and the fact that within 48 hours we had a house sitter through your site. Dave (WA)
We thought we would have to cancel our planned (and paid for) overseas trip because the friend who was going to housesit had become ill. We had 2 weeks to take-off and we knew no-one who could housesit. So you can imagine our delight when within 24 hours of placing our Sitter Required advert, we had responses from several very suitable candidates. Now our trip is back on and are house and animals will be safe and cared for we can't thank you enough Aussie House Sitters! We will definitely use your services again. Dave & Wendy
Thanks for your very effective site. We received two very good responses from potential sitters within a week of posting our house on your site and quickly reached agreement with one of them. From the home owners point of view registration is fast and efficient, the site is easy to use and the fact that the service is free is a bonus. Thank you once again Dan
"Within minutes of placing my Free  House Owner 'ad' on the Aussie House Sitters site I had responses from prospective sitters. The sitters 'profiles' were instantly available and a great help in shortlisting applicants. My preferred sitter was travelling from Queensland ,through Adelaide, to Western Australia over the Easter weekend (about to undertake a four months 'sit' in WA) and provided the opportunity for a face-to-face interview. Both my wife and I agreed they would be ideal as sitters for our house and more importantly our two 'babies' - Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We are confident and relaxed knowing that when September comes around we can enjoy our 2 months overseas holiday. Living on Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia, I was apprehensive about finding anyone to 'sit' for us. I now have no hesitation in advising friends how helpful the Aussie House Sitter site/service was and even better the fact that the service is absolutely free for home owners. We will be travelling again in 2008 and Aussie House Sitters can expect another visit from us." Ray
We were very pleased with the Aussie House Sitters Site. We heard about the site from another person who has used this site for the last few years when they went overseas. They were very happy with the people who sat their house. When you love your dog as much as we do ( we could not cope with putting her in a kennel for 4 weeks) and want to travel overseas for 4 to 6 weeks a year it is a perfect way to link up with people who want to be a sitter. It was easy to do and the fact that it was free was just another bonus. We had a great response from Sitters and choosing just one couple was difficult. We will certainly use it again and have told numerous people about the site. What a great service it provides and thanks to everyone who responded. Thanks! Gail & Ben
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Testimonials: 179