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Testimonials: 179
I advertised for a House Sitter for the first time with Aussie House Sitters and did not expect much of a response from people wanting to sit a large rural property in outback NSW. However we did receive some interest and were thrilled with the couple that came and sat for us so that we could have a real holiday for the first time in ages. We have developed a firm friendship with the housesitters who looked after our house, property, pets and animals and would not hesitate in recommending this service and the fantastic housesitters that we had. Next time we need a housesitter we will definately use this service again. Carolyn
I think this is a housesitter story with a difference!! We could not have found the more perfect housesitter to look after our place for the 2 weeks we were away - the pets were extremely well looked after, dogs walked (even organised for neighbours to walk the dogs when she couldn't), drove us to and from the airport but also has been dating my son for 4 weeks & make the perfect couple. So not only did I get a fantastic housesitter but a potential daughter in law. So thanks AHS .. unfortunately next year we will need to find a new housesitter as she is coming with us on our trip next year. PS. she did kill one plant!! Prue & Rob
We recently used the Aussie House Sitters website and resources for the first time. Our House Sitter was fantastic - taking excellent care of our home, pets and yard. We have recommended your resources to our friends. Thank you. Gary and Gae
I was more than pleased with the quality of service from Aussie House Sitters. It made it easy to find someone for our home. I will certainly recommend it to any of my friends looking for a sitter.  Many thanks,  Pat
We have now found a sitter through your website and it was very easy. After placing our ad we had 4 enquiries in the first two days. We spoke to two couples and had trouble deciding who to engage. Both couple had references and seemed ideal for the job. You certainly solved our problem very easily and quickly. Thanks again. Donna & Geoff
We used your service for the first time over Xmas. Advertised our home, and our first applicant was Hilary, who fitted the bill perfectly. She came down to Sydney and met up with us and our cats. We went off for our 17 days break and on our return the house was spotless, as though professional cleaners had swept through the place! Our main concern had been our two elderly cats. In the past a neighbour had feed them for us each day, but they were always rather 'stressed' on our return as they had missed the company.  On our return from this trip, both cats were so relaxed and happy that they hardly noticed we had returned! I have to say that our experience with Aussie House sitters has been wonderful and we would have no hesitation in recommending it to others looking for sitters. In fact, we are thinking of becoming sitters ourselves, as it is a very cost effective way of having a holiday, and making new friends. "Our" sitters, Hilary and Bernie were first class, and Hilary has indicated, if we need her again (and she is available) she would love to look after our 'girls'. Thankyou for such a great website. Carolanne
We have used aussie housesitters on numerous occasions and we have found that everyone used has been of the highest integrity and honesty always leaving the house in a pristine condition, we would certainly recommend your website. Regards Rob
Many thanks Aussie House Sitters. In under a week of us placing our Ad for a house sitter we had a lot of replies. After contacting a couple whose Ad we liked, within 24 hours they were visiting with us and we found them very compatible and with a wealth of experience. We have used house sitting sites before and always found them very good but yours was exceptionally easy to use and navigate, and certainly we got a good response. Many thanks again and would use you in the future and recommend your site to friends. Toni
Hi, I would just like to contact you as the admin for this site. Last Sunday I logged in and listed our house as we are going away for 7 1/2 weeks in November, until mid January. It was simple and easy to list our place. Within hours we had our first response from a wonderful house sitting couple complete with references and and a police check if we wanted. We contacted them via phone and talked through the details. Now all sorted, and organised and we have one less thing to worry about as we go on our trip of a lifetime. We have 4 cats, an old dog and a house that will be well looked after. Thanks so much to aussiehousesitters. Fast easy and very well organised. Geoff
Thank you so much for the excellant service, we didn't realise it was out there. We had so many replies and from some really great people. I can certainly reccomend it, and will use it again. Many thanks once more. Barbara
Thank you for an excellent service. I contacted a few of your registered sitters and one of the respondents sounded ideal so we have arranged a 'sit'. I will certainly use your site again. Jenny
"In just three weeks after placing an add for a house sitterr on Ausie House Sitters we have had more than 10 applications from registered sitters.  We were able to view their full details on the web site and make a short list of potential sitters.  We eventually interviewed two sitters and have chosen one who has seen our home and is even willing to drive us to the airport and collect us on our return should we so wish. I am amazed at the ease of finding a suitable sitter and the calibre of all applicants.  As we are retired and hope to be travelling around over the next few years I am sure we will use Aussie Housesitters often." Ray
I am a home owner. I have just used the for the third time to find house sitters. I placed an ad, free of charge, on their site. Each time (first time 2weeks then 5 weeks last time) we have become friends with the sitters and still keep in contact. They did a fantastic job of looking after our home and animals. For those of you considering using this organisation I can thoroughly recommend it. Phoning the sitter's referees (and always ask for them - but they generally offer anyway) gives you an an instant insight into the type of people you dealing with. I have just organised our third lot of sitters for the end of the year and it has been such a smooth and hassle free affair. Thank you Faye
We obtained our sitter through your sitters list and without exception every person we contacted replied promptly as all this was done at very short notice we were most impressed. J & M
Aussie House Sitters was a pleasure to use! This is the second time I’ve advertised on here for a house sitter and both times the experience has been very pleasant, easy and above all successful. I had found a sitter within days of listing the ad. I would highly recommend Aussie House Sitters to find your next house sitter. I have found professional, friendly, reliable and caring people to look after my home & pets while I’m away. I will definitely be using the service again. It beats some of the other house-sitting websites hands down! Regards, Nicole
We have found a most suitable sitter for our house through your free service. She replied to our ad on your house owners' list, it only took less than a week. A couple of years ago we paid an agency quite a lot of money for them to find us a sitter. They in return didn't have to pay anything, only a bond which they got back. We will certainly telll our friends about your free service. Regards, Stan & Sidsel
Aussie House Sitters is such a wonderful site and concept that we are again using the site this year. In 2011 we needed a housesitter for 2 months while we travelled W.A in our caravan. The couple we engaged were absolutely fantastic. Our cat is rather timid with strangers, but on our return he was jumping on their bed and quite friendly. They looked after our home as there own. A fantastic service and I recommend Aussie House Sitters to everyone. Russell
Hi Aussiehousesitter Team. After almost 2 years travelling around this great land, and being part of the Aussie House Sitters Club, we are putting on our other hat and advertising our own home to sitters. We’ve had such wonderful experiences from the sitters side of things and met some great people while travelling, that we want to give someone else the opportunity to ‘come stay awhile’ in our area. We’ve tried the ‘family will care for things’ & the ‘ask the neighbours’ bit too, but come home to dead plants & dirty house. At least getting sitters, in we can bet they little chores we ask them to do, will actually be done. Looked at other housesit services but like this one the best. This is such an easy to use service, whether it’s looking for house-sits or adjusting our ad. Great work, team. Cheers Bruce and Sue
I found the Aussie House Sitters site easy and friendly to use, and the fact that it was free was a big bonus. I received several email responses within a short amount of time, and all seemed appropriate people for the picky job I'd written about! Any contact with AHS staff has been met with quick response - much appreciated. A great site find whilst Googling for house sitting in Oz! Ali
I am bowled over by this site. Having tried several other sites, this was so easy to find my way around, and I was able to choose about 8 suitable sitters the first time I looked.  Some of these were already sitting, but they were polite and answered promptly.  Less than a week after I started looking, I had a marvellous sitter lined up.  My cats met her and told me they approved, straight off! So thankyou, Aussie House Sitters - we can go away with easy minds. Margaret and Don
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Testimonials: 179