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Testimonials: 237
We registered to house sit a few months ago and have been very lucky in acquiring a 12 mth contract. As you can imagine we are delighted with our response to joining Aussie House Sitters. Pauline & Gordon
Thanks for your reminder, for renewal of our registration to AHS's, but at this stage we will have to let our membership lapse, as we have taken a long term 'sit'. We would like to thank you and your team for the assistance you have given us and we have had many 'sits' and have had to refuse many more. eg. We had a 5 month stay on a farm, at Hamilton, in Vic and had to refuse some 16 wanting us! The service you have provided has been excellent and we have passed your name on to many. One of the main reason's for our house and farm sitting has been that money we invested for a house, when we retired, has been, and still is, frozen. The house sitting has enabled us to live a reasonable life, save some money, help others and to see more of the country. We couldn't have done all this without your help. You run a great business and if we ever have to go back on the 'road' we wouldn't hesitate to contact you people. Kind regards, Jan and Don
We commenced Housesitting in Sydney 18 months ago to tide us over when in between accommodation and not sure whether to remain in or move out of Sydney. We had heard Housesitting was a good option and so decided to give it a go. Within a few weeks of registering on Aussie Housesitters we were contacted by a few Homeowners and eventually chose a 'sit' that fitted perfectly with us vacating our property and which was in an area close to our familiar surroundings. Very reluctantly I stored my precious belongings, packed a few bags and so we headed off into the unknown. As the months have slipped by and we've continued to get great 'sits' in our preferred areas, we have continued with it; getting better organised with every move...! It has proven a wonderful way to move into semi-retirement, as by housesitting we are able to do work of our choosing and take time with the daunting decision on our final destination. Whilst initially a reluctant 'sitter' I have found that, with every housesit I have relaxed into it more. We consider it an honour to be 'selected' by Homeowners to live in their home and care for their beloved pets. We enjoy getting to make new friends, both furry and human, and while some pets can be challenging, to know them is to love them! The best thing about Housesitting is that it truly is a WIN-WIN situation. Homeowners can go on their holiday knowing people they trust are living in their home & keeping it secure whilst providing the same routine and TLC their pets are accustomed to. And Housesitters get free accommodation and the opportunity to get to know different breeds of animals in exchange for providing the services expected by their Homeowner. Have a good day! Robie and Andrew
I am already receiving calls for housesitting and wish to thank you at Aussie House Sitters. Regards, Ann
Less than a week since I registered on here as a housesitter and already have received 3 contacts from home owners directly - with one house sit for 2 periods shortly, a 6 week stint in far north Queensland, another house sit for 3 months early 2013. Thanks heaps. I’m hopping round like a teenager with an overload of raspberry cordial right now :) Lorraine
Hello, I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding our registration with you earlier in the year. We've been able to secure two house sits back to back for a total of 10 weeks accommodation for when we first arrive in Adelaide and we are so chuffed that I just had to pass on our hugest thanks for your service! It's going to take a huge amount of pressure off our initial arrival and we are sure we can secure a long term rental during this period and hopefully some work. Once again, many, many thanks - I will recommend you at every opportunity! Dave
Our first house sit after joining your site was for 12 months & recontracted for a further 12 months with the likelihood of up to 5 yrs for Expat. Owners only home about 6 weeks per year. Thank you for all your help. We have also advised many people to join your well serviced organisation whilst we have been members. Sincerely, James & Di
A major aspect of being a member of Aussie House Sitters (AHS) is TRUST. This is my second year as a house sitter and I have had many contacts from home owners who are open and friendly. I have really enjoyed the lovely dogs, cats, budgies, and fish belonging to the admirable people who trusted me to care for their homes and their pets. I can't speak highly enough of the initial assistance I received from Nick at AHS. The whole idea was new to me and the openness and inviting set-up enabled me to trust that it would be a good idea. And it has been. I meet great owners - sadly have had to refuse a number because of generally being constantly booked. I have been trusted to care for specific animals who are most definitely the 'babies' their owners feel are so very dear to them. I am no Dr Doolittle but I can tell when an animal trusts a person or not, and so far I have only encountered trusting animals. AHS is simply professionally well organised in addition to not costing a fortune for house sitting members to join. That's also rather unusual in today's market arena but very helpful to retirees like me. To be able to also say it is an organisation based on trust and that shows, is really impressive. Well done folks. Phyll W
Your service is superb. I am now booked for 7 months in 2013 - this is an incredible lifechange. As well as housesitting for homeowners, several friendships have been formed. Thanks for a great service. Best wishes, Laurie
I've been meaning to e-mail you. For what it is worth I think the site really looks good. We are currently at an extended sit at  Hervey Bay,  6 months, which is timed to finish mid-july. Would you believe we are getting at least 10 to 12 enquiries  each and every week, which I have been able to establish with the vast majority coming from your website........Well Done !! At most opportunities we take the opportunity to point out that we have found your group to be helpful, reliable and above all very professional............ We mean this and you can be assured we would not say that if we did not believe this, as it would be if we were not happy we would speak with you direct. Chop ! Chop ! That's about it for now, there is another request just come in, we will not be able to help them out they want March to June 2007.... Frankly we are considering a few right now which could well take us right through untill March 2008.  Our very best regards to you all. Philip
What a great way to meet and connect with people who help revive those good human qualities of trust, responsibility and friendship. It's got the added bonus of making new lifelong friends of both the human and animal kind. The experience of housesitting has given me a chance to see the views from the other side of the hill as well as sharing in some comforting and therapeutic quality time being a holiday away from home. So thanks very much for making this possible for me. sincerely Nicole (housesitter since Nov.2011)
I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback about your site. I have found it very easy to use and most importantly gained 2 house sitting jobs since joining in July. Your site is competitively priced versus competitors and I have managed to have success with your site paying less than to competitors (where I have received limited success). I have since told lots of other homeowners and potential house sitters about your site. Thanks James
Dear Friends, thanks for the reminder. However, I'll not be renewing immediately because being on your site has been so successful I've been sitting continuously since last March; and am now seemlessly booked until the middle of October 2013. Outstanding. Of course if things change I'll renew my subscription. Thanks again. Best regards.... Robin
Hi there, I just wanted to say I'm really enjoying being a sitter on your site, and have so far been booked almost back to back for almost four months around Melbourne. It's been good fun (if a litle weird sometimes) being a 'gypsy' and looking after a bunch of cute animals - and great for saving. So thanks very much, Larissa
Hi Ausie house sitters. Shaneen and I will not be using Aussie house sitters this season. We will resume in about 18 months. We have enjoyed your services immensely. We have tried other sites and they do not compere at all (not even close). We have not only had some fantastic sits but made some lifelong friends as well. Yours, Eric & Shaneen
Thanks to your service I have been able to showcase my profile as a housesitter. I have been a housesitter now for more than 7 years and this has been a terrific experience! I have met beautiful people all over the country (Australia) and lived in the most beautiful places. Yes, housesitting is a (fun) job and it sure does take time and energy to take good care of other people's valued possessions. But this job is also very rewarding in many more ways than one. Thank you Nick for offering the opportunity! Jose
I am currently sending this from a housesit that came via your site, it is our 2nd stint here and will almost certainly not be the last. We are here for another couple of weeks then off to Mt tambourine for another one that has come via your site. We are very happy with the number of enquiries we receive, we have got about 50 or 60 since registering 6 months ago. I don't know how that compares to other sitters but it is more than enough for us. We reply to every contact whether we are available or not. We are very discerning but feel we can afford to be - the offers keep rolling in, and of course once you start then word of mouth keeps you in "work". We have met lots of people and will keep on going for a long time yet. As well as offers we have been asked by quite a lot of people about the whole idea and we have recommended your site highly. Nick & Cherie
I have now been with this website since 2010 and have always had a great experience.. I have travelled all over Australia and would like to say a big thank you to this website for making it happen and to all the people i have House/Pet Sat for a big thank you for your amazing trust and now friendships.. Thank you Colleen
It seems everyone is wanting a house sitter for May as i have had numerous offers to house sit but have had to decline as i am booked up. I have had many homeowners email me asking me to house sit through out the year but i only have a few months that are available - so yes your website is working wonders. Angela
Since joining Ausise House Sitters I have received over 20 offers and one was in NZ. So now I have 3 by 3 months up to Jan 08. I could of arranged to go to any of the reply's I received, to WA SA Tassie etc. I had so many offers I was really surprised. I have given your "House sitters" site to all the people that have been interested in what I am doing. Bette
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Testimonials: 237
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