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We love all the animals & have met some beaut people in a variety of locations where we mightn't necessarily spend time otherwise. We are very glad we joined Aussie House-sitters & we just got another appt for the end of the year when we return from Europe so that was beaut. I am also so grateful that Admin is so supportive and so quick to respond. Lyn & Kel
Thank you for all the house sits we have received though here. Your site is the most detailed and efficient House Sitters sites and we recommend you to many. Roslyn
We are travelling eco-nomads who from time to time like to "sit" in the one place. Therefore linking up with AussieHouseSitters has been a distinct advantage in finding great sits. This has been a great service so we are happy to continue our membership. Jenny and Kaye
Just want to thank you for your site. We have had some fabulous house sits and met some great people and awesome pets and also finished up in some most unlikely places which we wouldn't have gone to without the aussiehousesitters site. Thanks once again. Margaret and Steve
Just a quicky to say thank you for the variety of opportunities you give many sitters and myself to have adventures in different parts of our beautiful continent . For me personally it's about having the chance to look after the beautiful furry, fluffy feathery and finny animals out there ! I only wish I could clone myself and look after all of them! Thanks again, With a woof meow chirp ssssss Annette
Thanks for allowing us to do some great house sits. We have thoroughly enjoyed them all. I have recommended your site to quite a few people that want to do sitting or need a sitter. Regards, John and Jan
We found four houses to house sit whilst we were on our travels from WA to QLD via TAS in the past 10 months. We are currently back looking after a farm stay which we did 9 months ago. The owners left today happy in the knowledge that we will look after their home and business. We found your site easy to use and have recommended it to many people who asked us how they could house sit as well. Thank you Maureen
We have been very successful with house sits through your database and although a lot of our house sits are repeat requests, I still count them separately and to date we have completed 102 house sits, mostly in the Brisbane area but also some in Tasmania. When the home owners see how contented their pets appear to be when they get back and then we visit them afterwards and see how the pets behave towards us, we know that we've done something right and from that, we have had so many repeat house sits. We've discovered many things in many different suburbs and get to know the back roads as well. It's such an interesting thing to do and we've now been house sitting for almost 9 years. Your database is very informative with various links and much more information than other websites for house sitting, also the cost is very economical when you consider how much you can save by not having to pay rent. It's an excellent webpage that you have and I do thank you for your ongoing help. We have two 'gaps' this year inbetween house sits but the friends that we've made through house sitting have offered us accommodation for those small 'gaps' so we have made long lasting friends through house sitting. Beppie
I wanted to once again thank you for the absolutely incredible brainchild you had when you set up this facility to match people up for a mutually convenient service - the giving and receiving of domestic help in a safe, secure and satisfying environment - the family home. Your site and its reasonable charge of just $65 for a year was the best investment I made last year when I needed to leave the comfort of my life in Canberra to be in Brisbane for my young adult son you required medical treatment for an extended period. In addition to saving on accommodation costs and enjoying the conveniences of already well established and fitted out homes, in particular kitchens, my husband and I formed wonderful friendships with no less than five families for whom we sat. Four in Brisbane and one in Cairns when we went there for a holiday after all the emotional trauma with our son. We continue to keep in touch with these people although in a different context now. Sandra
I just wanted to say thankyou again for the wonderful service your website provides. We have used your housesitters twice now and have just returned from a lovely three weeks away knowing our furkids and home were left in great hands. Leith and June did a wonderful job of caring for our 18mth labrador and our 18 year old cat. The house was immaculate and the pool and gardens were better than we we would do ourselves. The improved system of communication through the website was so easy and reliable. During the holiday my phone died along with all my contacts so it was fantastic to be able to keep in contact with the sitters through your site. I always tell people about using "aussiehousitters" because it has been such a successful and easy thing to do. The pets get cared for at no cost, house and gardens maintained while you are away and the sitters get a holiday at the beach, rentfree! I absolutely loved coming home to a clean house after a wonderful holiday. Not only that, we have some new friends who love our pets as much as we do! Thanks again. Jenny and Ross
We can highly recommend the Aussie House Sitters service. We have just renewed our membership for the third time and have found it extremely useful. As permanent travellers in our motorhome we do like to stop and enjoy the countryside occasionally and doing a house sit gives us the perfect opportunity to really get to know an area and see it fully. We have also met some lovely people and pets. We're really looking forward to our next house sit in February 2014 and another opportunity to have an exciting adventure. Carole & Stephen
My name is Rob Gordon and I've house sitting with your site since August. Almost immediately after signing up we got our first hit in a beautiful home over looking the water in a fantastic neighborhood in Sydney ... And it's only gotten better from there, In fact we've been booked solid all the way through until mid-July and we now have to start turning down house sits. House Sitting has been a great experience, if you want to travel cheap or just stop paying rent all together, you need to start house sitting ... Today If you have any doubts about House Sitting, trust me it's awesome and Aussie House Sitters is the best. Rob
Hi there Aussie Housesitters. We are house sitters and find your site amazing!!! Really works! One is never too sure about these things these days. But your site is definitely alive & well. Congratulations on the continuing effort you are obviously making to ensure your site works and is user friendly. Sincere kind regards ... and thanks!! Robbi & Andrew
We are currently in perth, doing our 3rd house sit. previous house sits were in melbourne and victor harbar SA, all of them coming about thru your website. we have also tried other house sitter websites but this one is the best, with up-to-date entries and a website that actually comes up with the information you searched for (e.g. searching for WA, it actually gives you only WA-ads and not from all over australia) and not stuff that you have to sift thru yourself we have had great responses to our profile - maybe because we are not 20 anymore and have a couple of kids?! - with people asking us to double back so we can do their house sit. awesome site, thank you!! Muna
Thanks Nick, For your website... I signed up to your website and received an offer within two minutes! I was still fidding about with my profile details when the message came through. It was just the confirmation I needed to move to Australia and within a week of the first house sit ending I received another wonderful offer that saw me through the worst of the winter. I continue to be amazed and so very grateful at this house sitting community which enables my work in Ethiopia to continue to be possible! I've met such lovely people through it! Warmest wishes, Amanda
Hi Nick. We are happy to renew our memebership with Aussie House Sitters as we have had an enormous response in the last 3 odd years we have been members. We have had some good 'Sits' and met some terrific people. We couldn't count the number of people we have had to refuse, mainly through other committments clashing. Have spread the word and many people looking for sitters were going to contact you people. Keep up the good work. Regards, Jan and Don
I said we would let you know how we have fared after we became house sitters with Aussie House Sitters. I am pleased to say that your service has been very kind and we are getting a very good response - not all suit or they sometimes clash with others, but overall we have been quite successful and we have made some good friends. . . . Phil
We have been so lucky with our housesits, and would like to thank the owners who have put their trust in us to care for their precious belongings, alive or just loved! The Aussie House Sitters site has been so easy to use, and another Thank You for keeping the annual fee so affordable - we recommend you whereever we are in our travels, and find that it promotes huge interest! Both for home owners, and people like us who have taken 'time out' to travel and discover this fabulous country of ours. People are so friendly, and accommodating and by the time we have found a new place to settle, we shall have made so many friends! We cannot speak highly enough of this service, and those who use it! RicknPip
I learnt how to use a computer 4 years ago last April, where we began our first Farmsit. We fell into it simply by replying to an advert in a bi-monthly magazine. Kangaroo Island 2007. What fun we had. I found this web site through a very helpfull computer agency owner at Kingscote. Who so patiently taught me enough to answer an add plus check the website.. Aussie House Sitters has allowed Des my husband 75, myself 60, full time farm ; house; rental; along with a motel and station sit's. It would take pages to relate the fun , adventure, skills, many much loved pets, we have had & looked after. Of course the owner's have always been so helpful, lovely people as well.Not once have we felt,uncomfortable or in any way not treated each sit as our own home. We have always felt totally happy; secure with each sit being a totally different experience. We have found by keeping in regular touch with future sits very helpful to us along with reassuring the owners we will not let them down. We have returned to a number of "sits" a few times, at present, we are at Beverly W.A. If anyone is so inclined to just "have a go" at something different to the "norm" this is an incredible way to have a long extended "life experience" limited only to your "have a go mate" attitude. After looking after an Alphca stud a few years ago, I asked if the herd was valuable. The owner replied " you could say that $1,000,000 ; as I had just asked for a reference, he asked if I would like "gullable" on the reference as well. Your website has been recommended to a lot of people we have met along the way. The new method of applying is great as well. I felt a little' hesitant ' until I heard from my first homeowner. Still a little wobbly on "my computer legs'. OK. everyone, no need to sit at home "wishing & a hoping"; there is a whole new world out there, not everyone's cup of tea.Just as well' or we would not have had 4 of the best years in our 41 years of married life. Many thanks to you & your staff. Des & Marj
Since registering with you we have had quite a few enquiries, and will be house sitting in Pampas near Toowoomba for Jan-Feb next year. Thanks for the service Max & Joan
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Testimonials: 254