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Testimonials Found: 235
I have been meaning to write to you to say how wonderful we think Aussiehousesitters is. We live in the UK and for many years have been visiting Australia for maybe 2 months at a time maximum because of financial constraints. Since 'discovering' housesitting we are able to extend the time we spend here and as an added bonus many of the people we have housesat for we now consider as friends. Housesitting is very much a two way benefit and we know how comforting it is to homeowners to be able to leave their home and beloved pets with people they can trust. So, thank you for offering the service, and we hope we will be back housesitting in Australia in the not too distant future. Best wishes. Viv and Barry
We have had 2 successful house-sits. We think that the concept is great and that the site is very user-friendly and attractive. Cheers, Carole P.
We have been members for nearly a year now. Our first house sit for 3 weeks last Christmas for a lovely young family at the Gold Coast was a great introduction to house sitting. Our second experience here at Hervey Bay for 10 weeks allowed us to renovate our house. Our next house sit will be at Mosman in Sydney at Christmas. We really enjoy the chance to meet new people and holiday in a more relaxed environment than a hotel. We remain in contact with our home owners. We have been the first house sitters on each occasion. Cheers, Les & John
I'm afraid your organisation is just too successful. We have been inundated with requests and fantastic references from the people we have sat for. They all want us to come back. We will not renew our membership this year because we can't cope with the influx. I feel terrible having to say no all the time. We will rejoin in Oct next year. It has been a wonderful experience and we have made some lifelong friends. Keep up the good work. Janet and Alan
We will certainly be renewing our membership. We would highly recommend your site for friendlyness and effecient service. It has a very homely feel to it and we have always had great sits of our choosing and have been contacted by home owners too. Your site has given us the opportunity to meet wonderful people and explore some great areas around Oz. Keep up the good work. cheers, Jenny & Maurice
Sorry it has taken us so long to respond but we have just returned home from our 2nd housesit which was in Adelaide for six weeks. Our very 1st sit with Aussie House Sitters was in May/June this year in Queensland for almost four weeks. We've had a ball thanks to a fantastic organisation with an easy to follow website AND with very affordable registeration fees. We have no hesitation in renewing our membership again. My husband and I have met some lovely people with whom we've made new friends and intend to keep in touch with. Looking after their pets has been a joy and great company. We miss them so much when we leave that we take a photo of the pets to look at anytime we feel sad and are missing the dogs, the cat and even two chooks who supplied us with an egg each every day. Housesitting is a great way to explore different areas and States. We have met so many people who have wanted to know how we go about housesitting so we've passed on your website address. You had better be prepared for an influx of new memberships and people looking for sitters! Sandra and Peter
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your web site. I have had many house sitting 'jobs' giving me the chance to meet other people and see different places. Regards, John
From October 2008 to April 2009 we traveled from Perth to Brisbane doing housesitting in 4 different states. It was a wonderful experience to get closer to the local living and the wonderful people of Australia. Perth, Adelaide - even a farm in the Upper Corryong, VIC, a house at the Gold Coast and one north of Brisbane. We had the most amazing time meeting great families and couples. We where always warmest welcome, most of the time with a BBQ, and after the welcoming back of the houseowners, we already felt as a family member, also because their cats where still running around and the farm didn't burn down in the meantime ;-). Well, we will and would do it again - as we really are in great memories and are missing the beautiful country and open minded people we met. Thanks to your website, as this platform is a connection to the local living. Lot's of greetings, Sandra & Luciano (from Switzerland)
Just a short note to say thanks for a great housesitters dream I have done 17 house sits all up and I only joined this year...been a blast. Ive been everywhere from Canberra to peakhurst and mortdale, speers point. I even had to cancel 9 yesterday....why....didnt give me a enough time to go to mckay and all. Well, have a good Xmas and lets hope I do more sits next year. All the best Rebecca
Even though I am presently sitting for an 18 month sit till next Sept we have just been asked through your site to do a sit next xmas in Adelaide, it suits us just fine as we will be heading back to Tassy. Thanks to your great site an owner saw our profile and contacted us. Its always much nicer to do a sit by being asked instead of just about selling your soul for some...ha ha We couldnt travel to the West to see our families without the help of your site, it gets us round and about.... thanks so much. kind regards Jenny
We accepted four house sittings this year and loved every minute, staying in some lovely and interesting homes. Carol & Brian
I have been on the site for a couple of years. I regularly housesit for a few people. It provides me with time away in different parts of Brisbane. For example, I recently house sat in the Samford Valley area over Christmas. My adult children from Melbourne came and stayed. It was a holiday time for me and lovely to do that on acreage, with a pool. The owners have three horses and two dogs as well as a bird and four chooks. I find the time away enhances my relationship. I would like the opportunity to save over a couple of years to buy a property. House-sitting has enabled me to determine where I would most prefer to buy and how I want to live when I do buy. And I think I have made some good friends along the way both two and four-legged ones. Cheers Anne
Just want to say that we are impressed with the housesitting site. My husband and I joined in Sept and have had some good offers to housesit. We have done one in NQ and another next month for two months near Mackay. Very happy to date with the type of people we are 'working' for, so thank you. Regards, Carolyn
I am really delighted with Ausie House Sitters! I only joined a week ago having decided to go out on a limb and sell my possessions. My aim is to travel around Australia starting in coastal South-East Queensland. I already have two lovely 'sits' booked. The second one is for 10 weeks and I offered to drive up and meet the houseowners and their pet first. (It was only an hour away.)This was very reassuring for them as it is a long time to leave their much loved elderly puss. The site has a lovely feel to it and it's fun checking all the homeowners' ads. The joining fee is very reasonable. Thank you so much for being a part of my new life! Claire
Hello, first I must say how happy David & I have been with Aussie House Sitters. We've been members for some time and have been inandated with request to house sit and in no time have a full house sitting calander for the year. We have enjoyed many hoilday's from the Hunter Valley to the Blue Mountains to Tasmania and Victoria, and now off to Hindmarsh Island. We care for many pets, big & small and just spoil them all a little. Judith & David
Have already been fully booked except for a few weeks and I will take a holiday with friends during that time. Can't thank you enough for this great web site of yours. I was really worried about where I would live after the house sale. Now I am completely organised and has all slotted in beautifully. Carol
I have had much success on your site and am saving a good sized deposit to purchase my own home next year. I have made some good friends, looked after delightful pets which I usually become attached to, and stayed in some beautiful homes. Lianne
I have found the Aussie House Sitters service very effective and once registered I found a position that suited me very quickly. Best Wishes, Kim
We regret that we won't be renewing our membership with Aussie House Sitters. We have been VERY fortunate to have found a house sitting position that has lasted more than 18 months and looks like lasting much longer. We have our own cottage on a property and have been told we can stay on even after our owners return. Should we decide to move on we'll certainly join up again as we've made new friends through our housesitting commitments. Good luck for the future. Regards Denise and John
George was horrified when I suggested we try House-Sitting. He said "what if we get one that is dirty"? Believe me we have never been disappointed. We have made some lovely new friends and cared for some delightful pets, all over Australia. Once they discover we have built,owned and operated Hotels/Motels for 31 years and know how to care for their beautiful homes/Pets, they head off overseas with not a care in the World. Our own home is like Fort Knox and we are very aware of security. All the Queensland house-sits give us the use of their car, which is fantastic, as we now like to fly these days. The only drawback we have found, is, when people we have already sat for, need us again, and we sometimes have to decline, which is sad for both parties.!! House-Sitters have given us a new lease on life. The only question George needs answered is, " how far away is the Golf Course"? He now tells all our friends to try House-Sitting. Kindest Regards, George and Lorraine, Victoria.
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Testimonials Found: 235
*FREE: House sitting is usually free, for both sitter and house owner, although this is completely up to the individuals. There are usually some costs that need to be covered by either the sitter or the house owner e.g. electricity, phone usage, vet fees etc. How these costs are handled needs to be agreed before the sit begins. House sitters pay a single annual membership fee, while house owners pay nothing to advertise their house or to contact sitters.


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