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Testimonials: 179
We were anxious to find someone to house & dog sit for us and after having eliminated most of our friends, relatives & neighbours we looked on the internet to see if something was available. We found your web site and within 48 hours had found someone to care for our house & hounds. We shall be using Aussie House Sitters again & recommend you to all our friends & business associates. Barry & Penny
To say that I was surprised would be the understatement for all times. I saw Aussie House Sitters on the net, only by googling. Firstly I didn't know such a service was available. I joined, free: another unbelievable factor these days, placed an ad wanting a house sitter. Then, within two days in came the responses, not one, but sixteen. All of which would have easily been appropriate as for our needs. But chose a mature aged couple who sounded absolutely wonderful and matched our needs to absolute perfection. Emails were exchanged, then a telephone call. We are off to Africa for a month in September/October and I have no doubt that my cherished possession my Ralph (he is a dog) will be given the affection and security with my new found house sitters. Since knowing about Aussie House Sitters, friends of ours have also joined and found their perfect house sitters, what more can you say. It's just so wonderful to take the worry and hassle out of finding someone you can trust your home and your animals to. A big THANK YOU! Susan
Thank you for such a great site - it is the first time I have used such a service - have previously had sitters thru word of mouth. Chose a sitter within a couple of days all at no cost! Will certainly use the site again next time I travel. Ann
We had an incredible experience through our 'house sitting' event. I nearly withdrew the advertisement as I felt our house was a little extreme and there would be few (if any) people willing to take on the property. So I was totally surprised to receive a message with interest shown to sit for us. After a phone call to the prospective sitters I felt confident that it was really going to happen. The couple were well aware of the quirks and isolation of the property and were still very keen to come. In meeting them I felt as though I were greeting friends whom I hadn't seen for a long time. They were extremely warm, open and willing to trust. They fitted in to our family instantly. They were extremely good with our two children (5yrs and 21 months) and connected with them immediately. Not only were they willing to sit for us they wanted to help us out in any way they could. After the first day they took on a lot of the farm chores and settled into the routine whilst we busily finished packing and taking care of other business before departure. Whilst we were gone they kept the place running efficiently, cared for the animals as if they were their own, and undertook many projects that assisted the functioning of our farm. On return I was totally overwhelmed by what they had achieved. They spoke of how much they enjoyed our place and what they had gained from being here. It gave me a lot of confidence in having people come to stay and becoming a part of our family. They became very good friends and we were sad to see them move on to their next house sitting commitment. I am extremely glad that I had the courage to put the ad into the House sitters website and that they had responded. I'd like to thank your organisation for providing this opportunity from which we had so many positive experiences. Placing the advertisement was a result of a conversation with a friend who had a similar great experience recently and she told me of the organisation. Since our experience I speak to everyone about our sitters and what the experience provided for us. I also pass on the details of the website. Annie
When I placed an advert for a housesitter to care for our house and pet dog I had a quick response and found a suitable couple within days.  Our little dog got sick and was in pain while we were away and our sitters were very caring and immediately took our dog to the vet for treatment even though it was the middle of the night and again the following day  when he didn't improve.  I am glad to say that our dog is ok and our house was well looked after. Many thanks Jennifer
Hello, i am a first time user of your service, and just want to say "how lovely the people are on line" all have sent gracious and curtious, replys fairly quickly, also wishing me well ... . AND i also found the PERFECT match for our house sit... a lady in Melbourne ...... thankyou for the opportunity to use your site, will definitely recommend to friends and use it next time.. a BIG thankyou.. Jenneane (Auckland, NZ)
I chose to do use a house sitter because I was sick and tired of paying enormous amounts to have my three cats boarded. I am singing the praises of this service, thank you. Regards, Lynda
Just a quick one to let you know how fantastic your house sitting service is. I recently went over seas Dec/Jan and organised a house sitter through your web site. As I went away before the house sitter arrived I was a tad apprehensive that I would not be meeting someone who I was intrusting my most precious belongings to....3 malteese terriers,house /garden. While I felt very confident after speaking with her several times on the telephone I was still concerned as my dogs can be a handful. Anyway I returned to find my dogs etc in a better state than I had left them. She put much effort into curbing their behaviourial problems and we all live a much more peaceful existance. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful job she did and I have booked her again for Dec 2008. Regards, Connie
I thought I should reply re our House sitters we had during March. They were excellent and I would recommend them to anyone. I dont know how your system works but I dont mind being used as a reference. Thanks again for providing House sitters for us. Robyn & John
We have arranged for a couple that we met through your house sitting site to look after our house for approx 6 months. Regards, Richard & Shirley
I was so pleased that we found a house sitter so quickly, I have told all my friends and in that process, I have been asked to specifically provide others with the website, which I have. Great idea and service. Thanks again. Kerry
My advert was uploaded onto the website within 24 hours of my posting it and I was very pleased with the number and calibre of sitters who applied to mind my cat & flat. I will definitely be using Aussie Housesitters again. Colleen
Thank you for your reply and for removing our ad. Friends of ours have used your service several times to find house sitters and recommended you to us. In turn we have told many people of the good response we had to our ad and will continue to do so when the occasion arises. A lot of people were unaware of the service. Thanks again and regards, Janean
We have had instant success with our 'need a sitter' ad :) This great site has really taken away a huge worry for us. Vickie
Thankyou soooo much for your service. Your site was recommended to me from people in Queensland so obviously you are well known Australia wide. I will use you again, promise! regards, Leona
Thank you so very much for your assistance in obtaining a house sitter for us. We put in our request on Saturday, had your reply by Sunday, had offers by Monday and had our chosen sitters finalised by Tuesday. You could not ask for a better service. Thanks and would defiantly use this site again. Paul & Victoria
We used your housesitting servive this year for the very first time. We engaged a very lovely Couple. From the first converastion we've had on the phone, we knew they were the right people. They drove up from Brisbane to our House in Kewarra Beach and sat our house and pets for four Weeks in May/June this year. They truly did a fantastic Job while my wife and I were in Europe.The House looked just like we left it, the Dogs were looked after really well and they had a great time here in Cairns. We will again use Aussie House Sitters without any hesitation. We would also gladly have them back . We wish them well in all their future endeavours, knowing, they are Top House Sitters. I would very much appreciate if you could add this letter of appreciation to your testimonial section. Stephan & Renate
May I just say how incredibly impressed by the speed at which I was able to find the perfect sitter. The quality and calibre of your sitters is second to none and I now have the opportunity to do do some travelling knowing my much loved pets will be taken care of. In return your sitter gets to stay in paradise! What a perfect situation! Thanks again! Leonie
Love the site, we used someone last year when we went away for 5 weeks, they ran the farm, fed drought stricken animals and managed with no trouble at all, they are coming back next year when we travel again, both they and ourselves are excited to be able to walk in/out and feel comfortable with the arrangement. Jenny
We were adding up the costs, recently, for dog boarding and having our house checked on while we enjoy an upcoming vacation. The cost was a shock and added a burden to what should be a joy. I decided to look up house sitting on the internet and found Aussie Housesitters. I read the information and signed right up. To our surprise we had responses straight away and within 48 hours we had a couple willing to sit with whom we felt very comfortable. They were a pleasure to begin a correspondence with. In short order, we had 3 more requests. It was sad to turn them down. We have begun passing the link to Aussie House Sitters around to family and friends. We will definitely be return customers. Thank you Aussie House Sitters! You have made new friends today. Linda
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Testimonials: 179