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Testimonials: 179
We used a couple from your organisation to house sit for us and it worked out very well. It was a delight to come home and find the garden all maintained and the house as spotless as we had left it. More than happy with the wonderful service you offer, so helpful. Michael & Sylvia
I am please to advise that we very quickly found a suitable house-sitter through your online service. It's a simple but effective procedure to log in, create an advert and then it's just a case of waiting for the replies. As I say we found someone who suited our needs and we are confident that they will look after our place and our pets very well. Keep up this excellent service! Kind regards. George
I used Aussie House Sitters to find a house sitter for my home and pets whilst going away on Holidays. This was the first time I had ever considered using a house sitter for caring for my home and pets. The team at Aussie House Sitters were wonderful. They posted my ad straight away and within a week I had correspondence from a lovely couple who were interested in looking after my house and pets.  Because this was the first time using this service, I was unaware of the procedure, once you received correspondents with a couple who were interested in house sitting, I need not have worried as I emailed the team at Aussie House Sitters and they explained everything for me. They have been so helpful and the fact that it cost the homeowner not one single cent is Fantastic. I would recommend Aussie House Sitters to anyone considering having their house house sat. Thanks heaps Aussie House Sitters, I can enjoy my holiday knowing my home and beloved pets are well look after thanks to you guys !!!! Danielle
We live in Tennant Creek NT. Once again let me say this is a great site and we have always had sitters we are happy to recommend to others. This will be our 4th sitter. Rick
Thank you very much for the free service you provide to home owners looking for housesitters. Your service is prompt, efficient and much appreciated. Dianne C
We have engaged house sitters a number of times over the past few years but this has been the first time we have used "Aussie House Sitters". The whole exercise has been a delight. From the obvious interest that you have among your many keen high quality members - which flowed to us following our advertisement with you - through to the protocols that each and all were prepared for to make us feel comfortable made it all so very easy until it came to selecting one applicant - there were too many good ones!!!! Thank you until next time Peter & Barb - Darwin N.T.
This is the 4th time we've used Aussie House Sitters and every time has been a success. We have kept in contact with all our sitters of the past, hence wonderful friendships have been formed as a result. The website has heaps of information for both sitters and home owners, it is easy to navigate through and easy to advertise. Whenever there was a dilemma, I received a response within 24hrs and the problem was promptly resolved. Well done. I shall continue to use the excellent services offered by Aussie House Sitters. Thank you. Nan
My ad produced immediate response from well qualified and experienced sitters who I was very happy to use. I'll be back if I need to. Iain
I would like to say that Aussie House Sitters was extremely successful for us. We had several early responses and have secured a housesitter after several conversations with them. It's great that its a free service for home owners and we are really happy that we can go away after Christmas and not worry about our home & pets. Thanks Aussie House Sitters. Narelle
We have come back from our holiday and despite our having a complicated combined acreage/ house/ business set up with pets and monitored security, the house sitters worked out very well indeed. No worries at all, and they've exceeded our expectations with their professionalism. Thank you! Cath & Gary
As a homeowner I was surprised and pleased at the response I received from your house sitting site. Although I could accept only one sitter, I was impressed by the high calibre and sincerity of the many offers.  All of them offered references without hesitation. The fact that it is no charge to us (the homeowner) is fantastic. Thank you for such a good service. Trish
I cannot praise Aussie House Sitters highly enough. I advertised for a housesitter to mind our house for a 5 week period and had 5 responses including 2 from New Zealand. All seemed like lovely, genuine people, and we would have been happy to have any of them to care for our house and cat. We have found a lovely couple to mind our house and even better than that, we have made some new friends as well! Thanks Aussie House Sitters. Your website is very user-friendly, you provide great support and I'd recommend this service to everyone wanting to have their house minded, or wanting to mind a house. I'll definitely use the site again. Judy
Hello, once again we have been very happy with our house sitters. This time the people read our advert on Aussie Sitters and emailed us. We have found this husband and wife team very much to our liking and satisfaction. They loved the dog and the garden and really the whole area. We found they left our place very clean, as they found it, and were very trustworthy. We would not hesitate to have them again, and have already mentioned this to them. We find the Aussie Sitters a real blessing and particularly this SIT, have been 100% happy with the sitters and conditions when we returned home. Keep up the great work and website, Aussie Sitters. regards Jenny and Kevin
I think house sitting is a fantastic idea. It's win-win for both parties. House sitting websites like Aussie House Sitters make it so easy for home owners and sitters to get in touch with one another. The service is free for homeowners and getting your ad listed is really easy. What more could you ask for?  Susan
Good Afternoon, Just a few days ago I advertised our home requesting a house sitter for 4 1/2mths. Yesterday I got 3 responses and today I now have a sitter to look after my home and pets. I have to say, your database is full of loving caring sitters and this makes it very hard when you have to choose just one. I feel very comfortable with whom we've chosen and looking forward to meeting her. Her references were glowing and just the type of person we need here. Thank you for advertising this free of charge to us and I'll be sure to recommend your site! Kindest regards Sharon
Aussie House Sitters has worked so well for me. I placed an advertisment on the web site and the right person found me within a day. I can now go ahead with my holiday plans for next year confident that the farm will be well cared for. This is an excellent, competent and efficient service. Thank you A.H.S. Steve
Thank you so much so letting us advertise for a 'Sitter' on Aussie House-sitters. The response has been amazing. Within an hour of the add appearing on your site, we received 3 phone calls from 'house-sitters who were very interested in looking after our home & animals. We will definately use your site again when we decide on our next holiday. Kaye
I used the Aussie House Sitters to find someone to mind my house when I was interstate.  I successfully found someone. It was a great way for the sitter and house owner to link up, for our mutual benefit. Cindy
I used your housesitter service for my Bribie home and found it very satisfactory.  The gentleman looked after my house and pet very well. Thank you.   Jeanette
I am very happy to say that I am impressed with the site and the great responses that I received. I really appreciate this excellent free service for homeowners and highly recommend it. Lyndsay
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Testimonials: 179