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  • 24 Sep 2019 - 5 Oct 2019
  • 1 week 4 days
What we need
  • Dogs (1)
  • No
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House & Location
  • House
  • Internet, Wifi, Netflix, Air conditioner, Dishwasher
  • Suburban (Quiet)
  • Buses, Supermarket, Shopping Centre, Restaurants/Cafes, Pubs/Bars, Cinema, Parks, Fishing/Boating

We need a house sitter

Northern Territory - Darwin


Elevated 3 bedroom home in Moulden, 5 minute walk from bus stops, the public pool & tennis courts, 5 minute drive from Bakewell Woolworths, 20 minute drive from Darwin city.

We have a friendly (if a little dopey) Bull Arab named Charlie. She's a large dog and has some special requirements with regards to being kept inside or in shade (you are not required to walk her, and I certainly wouldn't encourage it if you're not physically very strong as she is 33kg of pure muscle). She greatly enjoys sunbaking, but unfortunately is prone to developing tumours on her skin from said sun exposure, as a result she is primarily an inside dog, or at the very least we keep her upstairs on the deck (as the sun only hits there from early to mid morning).

She's extremely well house trained, and she can spend 10 to 12 hours inside the house unaccompanied (we do leave the aircon on in the lounge room for her, otherwise it is too warm in the house, during the build up & wet season). She also sleeps inside overnight - she is taken outside for a bathroom break before whomever goes to bed last is ready for bed, and then she'll sleep through till morning.

When moving vehicles in and out of the driveway (through the gate), Charlie will need to be secured. This isn't a problem for us, as she is inside when we're coming and going, but should you opt to leave her outside for whatever reason whilst moving cars in and out of the perimeter fence, be mindful of her whereabouts - she quite enjoys a little escape when there is an open gate.

Her vet is University Avenue Vet Clinic (which is less than a 5 minute drive away & is also the closest emergency vet hospital), and she's fully insured - should anything happen, do not hesitate to take her, we will pay whatever cost is associated regardless (but for your peace of mind, she is insured for accidents & emergencies + routine care).

We don't have much going on in terms of a garden, so there will be no maintenance required in that regard. We will be leaving our vehicles behind, but there is ample space on the driveway for additional cars or a camper - the driveway has drive access to the backyard, so things can be moved to create more space if required.

Each bedroom is airconditioned, and so is the lounge room and dining room. There is a bathroom and toilet upstairs as well as a toilet in the storage space downstairs.

We have FTTP NBN on an unlimited plan.

If you're going to be away for longer than say 10 hours and you're concerned about leaving Charlie inside, you can leave her outside, as I'm sure one day won't hurt her. But generally speaking between 10am and 5pm she is left inside as she cannot be trusted not to go and sunbake for hours at a time.

Otherwise she's a cruisy dog, she's happy to follow you around whether you're upstairs or downstairs.

We have a wedding to attend in country Victoria, and will be flying out Tuesday evening (24th September) and returning on the red eye Saturday night (5th October).

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