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  • 10 Mar 2019* - 24 Mar 2019* (*Approx)
  • 2 weeks
What we need
  • Cats (10+), Birds (5)
  • No
House & Location
  • House
  • Internet, Wifi, Cable TV, Air conditioner, Heater, Dishwasher, Space for Caravan
  • No
  • Country, Bush/Forest (Shopping, Nature, Quiet, Conservative, Historical)
  • Supermarket, Shopping Centre, Pubs/Bars, Parks, Fishing/Boating

We need a house sitter

Tasmania - Central


We live on 8 acres in a quiet, peaceful area, just 10 minutes from New Norfolk, and 35 minutes from Hobart.

Our home is not for the faint hearted!!!

We have 10 very well behaved indoor cats, consisting of 2 Burmese, 3 exotic shorthair, 3 Devon Rex and 2 Sphynx cats.

We also have 5 hand raised parrots, 1 red tail black cockatoo, 1 major Mitchell, 2 quakers, and a budgie..

And 2 outdoor cats, 1 is a Devon Rex and Mary is a moggie .

You will not be required to feed and clean for all these pets, as we have a lady who comes down twice daily to do the main work...
What we do require from you is your commitment to sleep in our home each night and provide our 2 Sphynx babies with lots of love and cuddles in their own bed (MY BED!!!, of course)...
we have never left them before, so really don't want them to spend their nights without their mum....the lady who comes to feed and clean can't sleep over, as she is a mad cat lady who can't leave her ownbabies on their own at night either�...!!!

Of course, you are more than welcome to interact, feed or care for the rest of the fur balls and feathered ones at your own leisure, if you wish to do so...

Exo and Ducati (the Sphynx ones), are rather high maintenance and do require lots of playtime and interaction...

We prefer non smokers, no children, and no other pets..
And we do require references ..

We go away once a year every year, this could be an ongoing situation if you are interested.., however, the workload would increase ��

The lady who cares for our animals has done so for the past 30 years.
She needs to slow down, so this could work both ways ..

Not sure what else to put here, so, won't put anything!!! Other than to contact us if you are interested...cheers

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