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Edith and Gordon



We are a couple of varying backgrounds, both Australian citizens) , Edith (Dutch Indonesian background) now retired from the corporate world , enjoying her creative side with sewing/knitting/crochet/crafts and co managing their online businesses , (working from home) , and Gordon (Australian) (background as tennis coach , using those skills and his passion to develop and run an online kids tennis program to get young kids outside, active and off their digital pacifiers.

Edith also still manages for a couple of owners, furnished accommodation in Perth, online , getting bookings and coordinating cleaners , maintenance with our son on the ground in Perth if anything needs attention in person. We used to have 24 houses of our own providing furnished short term accommodation in the northern suburbs of Perth.

We have been house and pet sitting since 29/11/2016 and been booked back to back with forward bookings to 11/6/2021, in Australia and overseas, plus have previous experience as pet owners ourselves of dogs and cats .

When we commenced housepet sits, our two family Staffie crosses continued to live with our son. We commenced housepet sitting in Perth WA Australia , our hometown and have over the last 3 years completed numerous Perth / outside metropolitan Perth/WA housepet sits and in 2019 commenced interstate housepet sits (Canberra) and completed our first overseas housepet sit in Singapore.

We have embraced house and pet sitting as a change in lifestyle and as a forerunner to when we started travelling interstate/intrastate and overseas , whilst at the same time enjoying what we love, looking after and spending time with your pets and maintenance of your property.

We both work for ourselves in home based/internet businesses and thus, always around to give your furbabies lots of attention and love and pay games and walks.

Edith's nickname is 'The Dog Whisperer" .......probably added to by Edith's popular doggy carrot and peanut butter muffin treats she bakes whilst doing the housepet sit.

Edith also has her TAFE Certificate in Pet Grooming.

We have digital businesses which we can run from anywhere in the world . One of our businesses is short term furnished accommodation, so well experienced in the maintenance of properties both inside and outside which includes the maintenance of pools and sometimes large acreages/grounds/gardens and lawns and looking after bookings .

Our other business is an online DIY Kids Tennis Programs (for the 3-6 year old age groups, motor skill development) and getting children interested in physical activity and away from their digital pacifiers.

Following is a summary of our experience and our forward bookings of housepet sits to date.

1. 29/11 t- 31/12/2017 , Englinton WA, 2 dogs, Pepper-St Bernard , Newfoundlander, Oscar, cat, Tigr, rabbit (Rabbit) , galah , George and a fish. Contact Emma: (ask for ph no.)

2. 31/12/2016 to 27/1/2017, Bassendean WA, 5 chickens and a pond of fish, happy to give a verbal reference. Contact: Robyn: (ask for ph no.)

3. 26/1 to 19/2/2017 and 1/8-15/8/2017, Karrinyup WA, 2 dogs, Pomeranian , Jack and Border Collie, Rufus (have a written reference ), they have now moved to Canada

4. 17/1 to 8/3/2017, Banksia Grove WA, an older 14yr dog, St Bernards x, Sy. needing daily tablets medication. Contact: Lynne (ask for ph no.)

5. 8/3 to 21/3/2017, Carlisle WA, 3yr old energetic black Labrador, Max. written reference, contact : Judy (ask for ph no.)

6. 21/3 to 1/9/2017, The Vines WA, no pets 2acres of property to maintain, large house and pool, again this year 6/5 to 8/9/2018 , 17/12/18-10/1/2019 and 8/5-11/9/2019. Michael and Jilly have returned to the UK so will not be requiring us for housepet sits in the winter time of the year.

7. 2/9 to 20/10/10/2017 , Caversham WA, 2 older dogs, Ella and Ben, Contact Terry McColl (ask for ph no.). Both dogs needed daily medication with Ella having dementia.

8. 27/10 to 10/11/2017, Wanneroo, 2 x 3year old dogs, Duke and Sheera, contact : Rachalle (ask for ph no.)

9. 10/11 to 4/12/2017, Ellenbrook, 1year old dog Richie, contact Sarah on (ask for ph no.)

10. 9/12 to 19/12/2017, Sth Yunderup, small dog, Jazz, contact Marie and Ray (ask for ph no.)

11. 8/1 to 22/1/2018, Madelay WA ,black very energetic labrador, Leeroy, contact Natasha and Gordon (ask for ph no.)

12. 22/9/2017, 23/1 to 22/2/2018 and 20/3 to 23/3/2018, 20-28/10/2018 and 3/11/2018 and 15/4-16/5/2019, 22/8-28/8/2019, 17/9/2019 and 3/12/19-10/1/2020, Port Kennedy WA, house and pool maintenance, 2 spoodle dogs Tia and Ted, contact Debbie (ask for ph no.)

13. 20/9-10/12/2018, 3month housesit only, with gardens and pool maintenance, in Dawesville (contact Heather and Bob Guthrie for a reference (ask for ph no.)

14. 8/12/18-8/1/2019, Ellenbrook WA, house and pet sit, Staffie , Lily, and cat, Bentley, contact: Lisa (ask for ph no.) (written reference also )

15. 8/1-16/1/2019 and 4/2-26/2/2019, Mahogney Creek WA, 5acres , large house with pool, dog Mallee , 2 cats Puds and Millie, 4 ducks , 7 chickens, large outdoor fish pond and large indoor aquarium, contact Silvana (ask for ph no.)

16. 16/1-25/1/2019 , Dawesville WA, 2 cats Hamish and Max, 2 chickens and an indoor marine aquarium contact Julie Reading (ask for ph no.)

17) 25/1-2/2/2019 - Munster - 2 large dogs, Max and Taz., contact Kirsten Smith (ask for ph no.)

18) 7/3 - 11/3/2019 and again 3/10-20/10/2019, Anna and Colin Seanager , Red Hill ACT, 2 dachshunds , Kaiser and Brutus and cat, Mandrake, contact Anna (ask for ph no.)

20) 10/3 - 14/3/2019 Dunlop ACT , 2 small dogs, Toby and Jazz. Contact Rachael (ask for ph no.)

21) 22/3 to 2/4/2019, Gerolup WA (near Bunbury) Nicky and Craig, 2 large dogs Milo and Coco (brown Labrador and labroodle, 5acres and house and pool to maintain: Nicky McManus (ask for ph no.)

22) 10/4 to 24/4/2019 - Trish Keever , Two Rocks WA - 2 dogs, Snoop and Moon, house with pool and small garden to maintain. Trish (ask for ph no.)

23) 27/5-14/6/2019, Waramanga ACT, Salli, 3 dogs, Lucy (19 yrs, blind, deaf and slight dementia), Bear (13yrs and diabetic) and Ernie (10yrs), all requiring daily medication. Edith only did housepet sit. Contact Salli (ask for ph no.)

24) 8/5 to 11/9/2019, The Vines housesit, as per 6) above, annual 4mth housesit for last 3 years.

25) 20/7 to 28/7/2019, Dawesville, housepet sit, Marley large dog (some medication re his eyes) and 7 chickens, including special attention to 2 being chicks only, fish in outdoor pond. Contact Juliet (ask for ph no.)

26) 10/9 to 22/9/2019 , Paula and Karel, Dudley Park WA , house on the canals, black 6yr old labrador , Lewis. Paula's contact no (ask for ph no.)

27) 21/9-2/10/2019, Di and John, Dawesville, dog and fish, pool and property maintenance. Contact: Di and John (ask for ph no.)

28) Red Hill ACT , 2/10-21/10/2019, as per housepet sit in (18) above, 2 dachunds and a cat.

29) 1/11-16/11/2019, Baldivis WA, Donna, housesit only, house, pool and gardens to maintain. Contact Donna (ask for ph no.)

30) 10/11-27/11/2019, Lowden WA, Linda and Barry, dog and cat and chickens and guinea pigs on 137 acre property. Contact: Linda (ask for ph no.)

31) 28/11-3/12/2019, Singapore, Fran and Ollie, looking after Bengal cat , Marilyn. Contact Fran: Whatsapp: (ask for ph no.)

32) 3/12/19- 7/1/2020, Port Kennedy, Debbie and Dave, as per (12) details above.

33) 7-9/1/2020 and 17-20/1/2020, City Beach, Adam and Georga, 2 staffies , Rex and Chelsea. Contact Adam and Georgia (ask for ph no.)

34) 9/1-17/1/2020, Port Kennedy, Dave and Debbie as above in (32) and (12), 2 spoodles Ted & Tia.

35) 31/1-9/2/2020, Echuca, Victoria, Julie, 37 acreas and house to maintain, 2 dogs and chickens. Contact : Julie Smith (ask for ph no.)

36) Fraser, ACT, 14/2-27/2/2020 , Henry and Liz, one dog, corgi, Huw and 4 chickens,plus pool, garden and house maintenance. Contact : Liz and Henry Hilhorst: (ask for ph no.)

37) Kambah ACT, 26/2 to 8/3/2020, Housepet sit, cat and staffie. Contact Annie Schofield (ask for ph no.)

38) 12/3-23/3/2020, Seven Hills, Sydney,NSW, Yvette Tosio, 15mth Staffi , Kaia and 3 cats. Contant Yvette: (ask for ph no.)

39) 22/4-8/7/2020, Shepparton , looking after two elderly rescue camp dogs, Gizzy (13yrs) and Hazel (11yrs), Contact: Shery and Gerry Wilson,(ask for ph no.), written reference attached.

40) 8/7-26/7/20, Woodend, 2 dogs, Charlie and Sammi, 3 sheep, 5 chickens and 2 guinea fowls and various wildlife, Contact : Vicki and Jock Jacobi (ask for ph no.)

41) 29/7-18/8/2020, Kingaroy, Qld, 2 cats and house/garden maintenance, Contact : Cheryl, (ask for ph no.), (Written reference attached)


42) 13/8-4/9/2020: Upper Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, dog Flint and cat, Scout, contact : Scott and Aimee:
43) 4/9-12/-/20, Toowoomba, 2 dogs, garden maintenance. Contact Betina
44) 12/9-19/9/20, Nerang, 2 dogs, Zephr and Ruby, 2 cats, Buddha and Taj, Contact Brooke
45) 21/9-26/9/20, Oxley, 1 dog, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs, Contact : Jodie
46) , 1/10-10/10/2020 , Pacific Pines, Gold Coast, 2 cats, Lemmy and Larry, contact: Danielle
47) 10/10-16/11/2020, Windaroo, Qld, looking after 2 dogs, Peggy and Sadie, pool and garden maintenance. Contact: Lynelle
48) 29/11-7/12/20, Upper Coomera, 3 dogs, Buddy, Milo and Yogi, Contact : Denise and Geoff

49) 23/12-27/12/20. Brisbane, Qld, looking after 2 dogs and 2 cats , Contact: Sherrell

The next sit Edith will commence and Gordon will finish housepet sit above due to overlap but being in Brisbane , only 30mins drive between the two sits, as a couple able to do that.

50) 26/12/20-9/1/21 , North Lakes, Brisbane, looking after 2 dogs and 2 cats, pool and garden maintenance. Contact: Bev and Don

51) 9/1-16/1/21, Narangba, 2 dogs, Contact: Sarah.

52) 14/2-12/3/2021, acreage, Maryborough, Qld , looking after 1 dog, Davida, some garden maintenance,Contact: Heather and Paul

53) 1 / 4 -22/4/2021, Kambah, looking after 2 dogs, Bonnie and Clyde and pool and garden maintenance. Contact: Betty and David Edwards.

54) 27/4-11/6/2021, Nth Warrandyte, Vic, looking after a border collie, Kijana, on a couple of acres. Contact: Micki and Ian.

Note; Edith also has her Pet Grooming TAFE Cert.

Reviews (7)
No rating Edith and Gordon were a delight! Our two dogs absolutely loved them, they took really good care of them and they were just as happy as we left them when we returned. They took great care of the house as well as the garden. We arrived back to a spotless home and they even left us a bottle of wine! Would definitely recommend them.
AARON (Karrinyup WA, Jan 2017 - 3 weeks)
Edith and Gordon were great, we have pencilled them in for next year as we were so happy with them house sitting and pet minding for us. Our 3 dogs thoughly enjoyed their company and they looked after them really well and our 2 Canaries plus our 6 foot fish tank. Thanks again to you both.
TERESA (Parkinson QLD, Oct 2020 - 12 days)
Hi Teresa, thanks for the great review, it's always good to receive such feedback that we have looked after your furbabies, canaries and fish tank. The fact that you have asked us to sit again for you next year speaks for itself that you were happy with our sit.
Edith and Gordon were perfect house sitters . They left the house and grarden in wonderful order. Of special concern to us was their exemplary care of our spoilt and demanding cat . They communicted regularly with photos and dealt with a minor emergency ( cat fight ) and replaced his lost collar . Edith made us a wonderful Malasyian curry for our return and extra dish for another night , Wow !! We would throughly recommend them and hope the they may come again when we are permitted to ... MORE
HELEN (Indooroopilly QLD, Sep 2020 - 1 week)
Thank you for your wonderful of ous housepet sit, we thoroughly enjoyed looking after Jasper and staying at your beautiful home and would love to sit for you and look after Jasper , your spoilt and demanding cat. I think from the way Jasper continued to be spolit in your absense made you wonder if ... MORE
Edith & Gordon looked after our fur tribe (2 cats, 1 dog & 2 guinea pigs) whilst the family went away for a Spring holiday. I was so impressed with the communication leading up to our holiday as Edith & Gordon visited twice beforehand to meet the animals and gain insight into the animals feeding routine & what was required house wise. Whilst we were away we received regular updates on how the animals were & when we returned I think the animals were disappointed to see us as they had ... MORE
JODI (Oxley QLD, Sep 2020 - 21/9-26/9/2020)
Edith and Gordon are the loveliest couple who truly care for your pets and your home. Edith even went as far as baking special dog treats for our babies. The pets were treated like royalty and the house was immaculate when we got home. We even had a homemade lasagne waiting in the fridge so we didn't have to cook on our first night home. It was delicious too! I can't speak more highly of this kind hearted couple who go above and beyond to care for your pets and home. The cute messages and photo ... MORE
BROOKE (Nerang QLD, Sep 2020 - 1 week)
Thankyou for your great review of our housepet sit for you. We thoroughly enjoyed looking after Ruby, Zephyr, Dora and Buddha and staying at your house. Edith and Gordon
Edith & Doug extended and split their sit for me as I was still in hospital. They went to extraordinary lengths to help me out with transport to and from hospitals. Eternally grateful for their kindness and caring. Hoping to see them again in the future.
CHERYL (Nanango QLD, Aug 2020 - 1 week 5 days)
We are looking forward to any future housepet sits for Cheryl and looking after her 2 gorgeous furbabies Sissi and Gemma. It was not trouble for us and we were happy to have been able to help Cheryl anything she required regarding her hospitalisation. We will be keepng in touch with Cheryl ... MORE
No rating I had complete confidence in leaving my two aged dogs and home to the care of Edith and Gordon while I was overseas. I came home to two very happy, well cared for, contented dogs and a spotless home and garden. I can highly recommend Edith and Gordon to look after your home and pets. There wasn't anything that was too much trouble, they are a wonderful couple.
TERRY - CAVERSHAM (Caversham WA, Sep 2017 - 2 months)
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