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What are the top benefits of house sitting?

House sitting provides so many benefits to house sitters. These include saving money on accommodation, living like a local when you travel and enjoying time with pets while house sitting.


How much money can you save while house sitting?

As a house sitter you can save heaps of money living or travelling rent free. Our long-term house sitters calculate exactly how much money they have saved on accommodation.


Why house sitting works

House sitting is gaining serious momentum around the world as one of the preferred ways for people to live and travel. So why has it become so successful over recent years?


House sitting stories: Pepper the rescue dog

Meet Pepper, a very good boy who loves treats, belly scratches and chewing stuff.


How to have a magical trip without breaking the bank

How do you get the most out of your trip on a budget? Sometimes, the less money you spend on your trip, the longer it can be. Here are our top budget travel tips.


Travel Planning - Do it yourself or go to a travel agent?

When you are planning to travel, there are two ways you can go about organising your trip. You can either plan it yourself, or you can go to a travel agent. So which one is right for you?


Top tips for where to stay between house sitting jobs

There can be times in between jobs where a house sitter needs to find somewhere to stay. Our house sitters share their choices of affordable accommodation in between house sits.

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Your new site is AWESOME just love it keep up the great job your doing. We have had back to back house sitting since April 2012, thanks. Denis & Jan

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