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What are the best house sitting websites?

There are many different house sitting websites in the online space. Experienced house sitters share the top house sitting platforms they choose to use to find house sitting jobs.


What are the top benefits of house sitting?

House sitting provides so many benefits to house sitters. These include saving money on accommodation, living like a local when you travel and enjoying time with pets while house sitting.


What are the best things about being a house sitter?

There are many so great things about house sitting. Three of our experienced house sitting couples share their ideas on what they think is the best thing about house sitting.


How much money can you save while house sitting?

As a house sitter you can save heaps of money living or travelling rent free. Our long-term house sitters calculate exactly how much money they have saved on accommodation.


Top tips for successful house sitters

There are many things a house sitter can do to ensure they enjoy many successful house sitting jobs. Our house sitters share their tips about what it takes to be a successful house sitter.


What should you ask before your house sit?

Communication between house sitters and homeowners before a house sit takes place is crucial to make it a successful experience for both parties.


Top tips for where to stay between house sitting jobs

There can be times in between jobs where a house sitter needs to find somewhere to stay. Our house sitters share their choices of affordable accommodation in between house sits.

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I joined several house sitting sites in the beginning, but renewed with only one - Aussie House Sitters, as most of my sits came from there. I also found the reply rate from owners was infinitely better, the site had more features and was much more user-friendly than others, and there was more choice. Congratulations! Aussie House Sitters has enabled me to successfully become a full-time sitter, booked out for several months in advance. Margo

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