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Creating a great Sitter profile

We often get people emailing our office asking what they can do to give them the best chance of securing house sitting work. We always tell them that the first step is to make sure your sitter profile is up to date and engaging for home owners. Here are some of our tips on making your sitter profile the best it can be.

Friendly, yet professional

Make the introductory paragraph of your profile friendly and warm. You want to treat this as you would the first moments of an ‘in person’ interview.

This is your chance for an owner to see that you are approachable and personable. However try and keep it professional as well, so don’t make the language too casual. A mix of friendly yet professional is your best bet.

Include specific skills

If you have any specific experience or skills that are especially relevant to house and pet sitting, make sure to include these after your introductory paragraph.

If you have worked with dogs, horses, if you have maintained veggie gardens, or worked on farms etc, make sure you state this on your profile.

The owner can then see up front the direct skills and experience you can bring to their sitting job.

Include descriptive words

Take time to think about how you word your profile. It’s really important to use words like reliable, punctual, professional, committed etc. Think of the qualities you have that contribute to you being a good house sitter.

It is also best to word your profile in a positive way. Rather than writing ‘I don’t like parties or make noise’ reframe it to ‘I am a quiet and committed house sitter’. The goal is to show the owner the best of what you can bring to their home and pets

Pet and House Sitting in Australia - Sitter profiles

Don't make it too long

Owners don’t have much time, and they might be looking at several sitter profiles, so you want yours to be engaging and to the point. You may want to write your profile on a word document and then edit it to cut out any excess information.

Focus on the quality of what you have written about yourself, rather than writing too much detail. Two well written paragraphs that an owner can quickly read is much better than five paragraphs about yourself and your house sitting history.

Include reviews

Make sure you ask for a review from a home owner every time you house sit. Hopefully if yu've done a house sit well you will get 5 stars. 

If you have more than three good reviews from different jobs, this is very attractive to a home owner as they can see a history of positive feedback about your work.

Remember that for many owners it’s their first time engaging a sitter and they need to feel reassured they are finding the right person. Reviews can really help you get over the line when competing with other sitters for a job.

Don't forget to say "cheese"

Having a photo on your profile lets the owner put a face to the information you’ve written about yourself and will further increase your chances of getting house sitting work.

The owner can see what you look like, rather than you just being words on a profile. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a warm, friendly picture of yourself can only be an advantage when applying for sitting jobs.

It's over to you...

Hopefully, this advice helps you set up a great sitter profile. Having a welcoming and professional sitter profile really does give you the best chance of getting some great house sitting work.

All of us at Aussie House Sitters wish you the best and hope that you enjoy many wonderful house sitting opportunities.

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